Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wise Words From Pastor Jack

Hello All,

Growing Thru Grace, Pastor Jack Abeeleen and the 91 freeway. Here's what I heard AND LOVED!

"A lot of people pay greater attention to what they were, rather than what they could become. They will tell you about [the past] but very rarely talk about where God is taking them and what they hope to see. It's so much easier to look to the past and smile at yesterday's accomplishments than to look forward to tommorow by faith and wonder what God is going to do. And yet that's what revival requires....If your really going to see God work your gonna have to put things in order and stick with it. Your life is kind of like a coin: you can spend it anyway you want, but you only get to spend it once!...The two hardest things to help people to do in the church is to think and to act in order of priorities spiritually."
Setting Biblical Goals, 2/7/07

These words just blew my mind, and the truth hurts, especially for those who hope for pre-packaged, pre-fabricated Christianity. Nobody wants to WORK at it, it seems. I am continually amazed at the struggles that we have with the most simple concepts, and it's no wonder we are a paralyzed and relatively speaking, a spiritually illiterate people.

It's my desire that each of our friends are living in the reality of a present, spiritual gut check, in the throes of a pending revival. I pray that you and I would do what was necessary, cut out what is unnecessary, and double our efforts to finish well.

Thank you Pastor Jack for the wise words. Thank you Lord for the reminder and the challenge.

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez

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