Monday, May 14, 2007

The Latest Reaction

Hello All,

Happy Belated Mothers Day to each of you! I hope that you had a wonderful celebration with your families and your mothers. Pastor Chris rightly said on Sunday that mother's day has become this atoning day where we as Americans make up for a year of neglect! As the kids get older, I am especially more thankful for our mothers, who are so gracious to spell us when we need it. Thanks Moms!

For our celebration, we went to Sylvan Park and had some kebobs with the Finfrock family. I was in charge of the kebobs, being the amateur barbecuer that I am. Lela marinated them and I "got my grill on." Someday, I hope to be good enough to have Bobby Flay come and throwdown with me! I think I might be able to take him in the BBQ Chicken department! Anyway, Sylvan Park was a good place to hang out, especially for the kids who always love the great big playground there. One scary moment occurred when Caleb let go of the swing and did a 360 degree face plant into the dirt! It was scary at first, but when we found that he was ok, we thought it was pretty cool!

Inevitably, after a while of playing with the kids, some great theological discussion occurs between several of the family members. Yesterday, we had a missionary friend of the family who has been working with ICM for many years. He is a national citizen from another country, who is supported by Americans who has noticed a disturbing trend among American Christian churches. He has noted that over the years, his support from Americans has dwindled and he was discussing and wondering out loud, why that might be.

At first I just listened, but then as I surveyed the churches that I had recently become acquainted with and their missions programs, I felt like I began to get a handle on why this is.

I believe that many of the younger churches which are just now coming into their own are reacting against this idea of foreign missions, especially in light of how much needs to be done on the home front. As a result, I have seen a large move to keep missions local, within the given county. I believe that this reaction comes from an American outlook that wants to have ownership over the mission that they are giving to, as well as more immediate results.

(Before I go on, I must reiterate that I am not talking about churches that I am affiliated with, nor the supporters of our ministry to Spain, both of which are incredible exceptions to this reactive group of others.)

It bummed me out to consider this to be the case. Have we lost our vision for foreign missions as a church universal? Every church needs to have a local outreach, but there must be an investment in the foreign mission field as well, because God's heart beat is for the nations to be reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ! When we as believers or we as the church body, give to foreign missions, we are giving money, support, resource to the area that God Himself has invested in from the beginning of time. A mature and balanced body will have their hands in both local missions and foreign missions.

It has never been easier to be involved with missions worldwide. Short-term trips, care packages, emails, phone calls are all easier to participate in than ever before.

I pray that you will not give up the fight to give the gospel to the nations. I pray that you will redeem the time and give toward Spain, where we still believe the gospel will eventually succeed. Carlos Casco, Ivan and Eunice, Brian and Andrea Jackson, are all serving the Lord there and their webpages are right there on the right side of our main page. Jason and Kris Baurenfied are serving in Australia. We have missionaries, including the one who I was talking to yesterday who are serving in countries where their freedoms may be soon revoked. This is why I do not mention their name. If you find out who and how, give what you can! The doors to some of these countries may not stay open forever.

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez

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Melanie McGraw said...

Hi Frank!
We miss you guys! I hope all of your tansitions are going well! I know with Renee finishing school soon, things must be getting ready to change again! We will be praying for you!

Praise God we have a church that is on fire for missions! Oasis Christian Fellowship! We had Kevin Cooley here from India and we have two teams going to Romania and Panama! I can't wait to see how God moves! We love you guys! Tell the family hello!