Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Quick Quick Word...

Hello All,

We are without Internet access right now. Sorry for the delay. We have been busy as well. I have been doing worship for my Father-in-Law's seminar this week up in Twin Peaks. This Saturday, for those of you who have nothing else to do, I am speaking at Calvary Chapel Murrieta's Saturday night service. It starts at 7:09 PM.

I have stories to tell, but no news to report. I have my visa and that will be the first story I tell when we get some reliable internet access. For now, blessings to each of you. We love you greatly.

Blessings To The Friends Of Spain,
Frank Sanchez

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Travel Days Are Here Again!

Hello All,

Just wanted to ask for your prayers (AGAIN!?) for us as we travel tomorrow for 20 hours! 3 kids under the age of 5 for 20 hours generally at least means severe exhaustion! Lord willing, they will continue their pattern of great traveling graces. We will arrive in L.A. around 7PM on Thursday. Those from the Packinghouse will likely see us this Sunday at one of the the services. It's a small world after all...

We leave Jerez De La Frontera very excited for the future. This trip home is necessary for us to physically pick up our papers at the Los Angeles Spanish Consulate. If all goes well, and I am not too jet lagged, I will attempt to do this as early as Friday, as you know my papers are ready for pickup. After that, we will wait and pray that Lela's and kid's will process through shortly. Then we are due to return to Jerez in late July.

During our stay at home, the best way to get ahold of us is through email, so please feel free.

Blessings To The Friends Of Spain,
Frank Sanchez

Monday, June 19, 2006

A Big Thank You...

Hello All,

Thank you all so much for joining us last week in our endeavor to pray for the nation of Spain. I did not notice any parts of the earth split open, and I checked the mountains and they had not moved either. That being said, our hearts were stirred and I believe our vision solidified with regard to what the Lord would call us to be here in Spain. I am sure that you had similar results in your hearts as well and we are grateful that we are joined in this way.

Next up this week for us is a long plan flight home. We will be leaving Jerez on Thursday morning and arriving in Los Angeles that same evening. We will be in the California for until the end of July and will look forward to spending time with our families and friends. Our prayer request for this time is simple: The completion of our Family's visas. They are processing and in order for us to return to Spain in a timely manner, they need to be finished and picked up. Please pray that this takes place while we are home, so that we will not be delayed.

Finally, just a quick note to those that are checking on this site often, due to travel time this week, I will likely blog at least once more before we leave and then it will likely be a little silent around here until Monday or Tuesday of next week. Some of you will likely see us before you read from us again.

Blessings To The Friends Of Spain,
Frank Sanchez

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Prayer Topic #5: The Strong Release Of Spiritual Strongholds

Suggested Reading: Matthew 12:22-29, Daniel 10:1-13 & II Corinthians 4:1-4

Prayers in this general direction:

• Spiritual release from the bonds of idolatry which is rampant in Spain.

• The healing of Spiritual eyes which are veiled to the true condition of the heart and to the truth of the Gospel.

• The spirit of self-righteousness or righteousness received from anything other than Jesus Christ, would fail to bring comfort to the souls of Spain.

Please feel free to leave the sentiments of your prayers for Spain’s repentance in the comments section of each day, or if you wish, you can email them to us. Each day, I would love to bring out some of the thoughts of those prayers on the next blog as I receive them.

Blessings To The Friends Of Spain,
Frank Sanchez

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Prayer Topic #4: The Youth Of Spain

Suggested Reading: Psalm 14, Psalm 24:1-6

Prayers in this general direction:

• Those that are 30 and under have lived through the first 30 years of religious "freedom" in Spain. We pray for the redemption of these from the sins of their Fathers, that they might be the generation that seeks after Jesus.

• There would be a deep hunger for spiritual things, an awakening to the reality of a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

• A reciptivity of the Gospel message in an earth shattering way.

• As we share with them and "love them in Jesus name," that they would be annointed by God to carry an awakening into their country.

• Direction and wisdom to minister to these youth and an open door to their hearts when we return from our upcoming stay in the states. God has placed them in our midst.

Please feel free to leave the sentiments of your prayers for Spain’s repentance in the comments section of each day, or if you wish, you can email them to us. Each day, I would love to bring out some of the thoughts of those prayers on the next blog as I receive them.

Blessings To The Friends Of Spain,
Frank Sanchez

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Prayer Topic #3: Spain’s Christian Missionaries

Suggested Reading: Romans 10:13-17, Genesis 18:22-33

Prayers in this general direction:

• Wisdom and purity as the missionaries here live their lives as a witness of the living Christ to Spain.

• Open doors legally for missionaries to enter who are struggling with the visa process.

• Boldness to seize opportunities to minister the Gospel of Jesus in all it’s fullness.

• A vision would ignite in the hearts of people who would possibly come to Spain as servants in the future.

• Protection and spiritual covering against spiritual attack.

• Language acquisition to accurately communicate the gospel.

• Wisdom regarding cultural issues.

• A special sense of God’s presence during times of loneliness and discouragement.

• A sense of unity and support when we meet with one other

Please feel free to leave the sentiments of your prayers for Spain’s repentance in the comments section of each day, or if you wish, you can email them to us. Each day, I would love to bring out some of the thoughts of those prayers on the next blog as I receive them.

Blessings To The Friends Of Spain,
Frank Sanchez

Monday, June 12, 2006

Prayer Topic #2: A Purification Of The Christian Church

Suggested Reading: Matthew 16:16-19, I Peter 4:12-19

Prayers focused in this general direction:

• The Christian Church to be faithful to their confession of Christ in a society otherwise inclined regarding His person and authority.

• Where applicable, Church leadership would repent of public sins and accept church discipline.

• The Christian Church in Spain would not fail to preach the entire counsel of God to their congregations, nor be ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

• Those people who are devout in the spirit of Cornelius (Acts 10), who are responsive to what little light that they have, might be further drawn to Jesus by His great love for them.

• The purifying fire would also spark a fire of excitement and zeal that would spead throughout the land of Spain.

Please feel free to leave the sentiments of your prayers for Spain’s repentance in the comments section of each day, or if you wish, you can email them to us. Each day, I would love to bring out some of the thoughts of those prayers on the next blog as I receive them.

Blessings To The Friends Of Spain,
Frank Sanchez

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Prayer Topic #1: A National Heart Of Repentance

Suggested Reading: Ezekiel 33:1-16, II Chronicles 7:12-14

Prayers focused in this general direction:
• A heavy conviction of the Holy Spirit to fall upon the Spanish people to see their past sins nationally, as odious, hateful toward the Lord. They cannot even see it without the illumination of the Holy Spirit’s work.
• In their hearts, they would turn from this past that defines them and recognize the stain that it has left upon their country.
• Present sins which are founded in their apathetic view toward Christ, have manifested themselves in all ways in this society and must be recognized not as social rights, but as spiritual roadblocks.
• A turn from relegating Christ to iconic status and recognizing Him as Lord of Today.
• A grief over sin heavy enough to seek the forgiveness from God.

Please feel free to leave the sentiments of your prayers for Spain’s repentance in the comments section of each day, or if you wish, you can email them to us. Each day, I would love to bring out some of the thoughts of those prayers on the next blog as I receive them.

Blessings To The Friends Of Spain,
Frank Sanchez

A Prelude To Prayer...

Hello All,

As you may or may not be aware, we have asked our supporters and readership to join us in a week of prayer and fasting for the nation of Spain. In that spirit, I wanted to give you some information about Spain that I have learned since we have been here. When praying and beginning to intercede on behalf of anyone, sometimes a little knowledge helps us know how to pray or at least where to begin. Spain today is exceptionally diverse in it's landscape and people. Each town has distinctives about itself that make the people who live there very proud and very independent. We live in the province of Cadiz, in the city of Jerez De La Frontera, in the area known as "Andalusia." Andalusia is known for her white cities and the people are thought to be people who like to laugh, which is a good spot for me, though it is exceptionally hot, sometimes to hot to laugh!

In the northern part of the country, the separatist Basque live and are not well liked by most Spaniards. Some have taken the position as separatist extremists I am told from several Spaniards. In fact, just a day or so ago, the President of Spain Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, released several Basque prisoners in exchange for further semi-peaceful relations. This did not sit well with many Spaniards.

Which microcosmically speaking is what the political scene is all about. President Zapatero is not well liked by many of the very traditional Andalusians that I have talked to. From the very beginning of his presidency, a shadow has covered his term of office. The day before the national elections were held, the bombing of the train in Madrid happened. It was attributed to terrorism, and President Zapatero's leanings toward troop withdrawal from Iraq and Basque appeasement swung the vote in his direction. Many of the older folks that I have spoken to are very upset and blame him for the rapid moral decline of the nation's youth. He has legalized homosexual union, has given more power to the Basque, and has not engendered good relations with the United States. These problems seem to plague his presidency from the view of the man on the street.

Of course, the young people might tell you that the Catholic Church is the one to blame for the immorality issues in Spain. From 1936 on until 1978, Spain was controlled by the Catholic Church, General Francisco Franco making sure that Spain was firmly held in the tight grip of the clergy. His dictatorship over the country after the Spanish Civil War was brutal, but the lasting affect was that church was mandatorily attended. When Franco died in 1975, the country was given "Freedom of Religion" as a right. One young man, about 25, told me that he believes that this is when the immorality began to really plummet to new lows, as "the church began to lose control over the people."

Today, most of the youth that one talks to looks at the church as an outdated organization. Youth are more likely to embrace atheism than Catholicism or Islam. As a result, teen pregnancy and abortion rates are up in the stratosphere, as well as drug abuse and vandalism. There is a real separation now between the Catholic Church and the youth who find no genuine comfort or love from them.

This is a small idea of what the landscape is like here in Spain. Her history is riddled with violence against Christianity and Judaism in the form of the Inquisition and violence against her own people in the form of a brutal dictatorship that many still living remember quite well. This is the place our hearts have been called to and you can see why it is both an incredible opportunity and a daunting task.

Over the next several days, I will be posting the topic of prayer for the day. We will pray until Friday, focusing our attention on these subjects that the Lord lays on our hearts. I will put them up when I wake up every morning, around 10:00PM PST. We appreciate your partnership with us in this special week of prayer for the nation of Spain. I know that whatever happens, we will be enriched by the process, as we intercede on behalf of the wonderful people of Spain.

Blessings To The Friends Of Spain,
Frank Sanchez

Friday, June 09, 2006


Hello All -

The following is an excerpt from "Spain: The Root and The Flower. An Interpretation of Spain and the Spanish People." It is a book by John Crow that I have found very helpful in my endeavor to understand this country of Spain. This quote appears on page 359:

"The Castellana by moonlight is one of the most beautiful boulevards in the world; by day it is rather gray and cheerless looking. The same thing is true in Toledo, Granada, Seville, Cordoba, Valencia - any town in Spain. When the hour of twilight arrives the cities and towns begin to breathe and live. They become young and beautiful again, and filled with hope; even the voices of those who have slaved all day sound alert and melodious. The indefinable charm of Spain lies in these towns at night. With the softness of air and the sounds of flowing water, they steal the heart completely...Every town of Spain has its sounds, its odors, its architecture, its history, its enchantment, and they are all different."

Night time is the right time to see the people of Spain. In many ways, the feel is similar to what I remember about Market Night back in Redlands, sans the various vender booths. It is the community, living and breathing, enjoying their city and it's culture. We take the same route every time into the Centro Ciudad. Along the way, various fountains and benches line the city streets. The trees hang over the boulevards, providing shade, beauty and even the fine odor of lavendar. As we get closer to town, more people can be seen and heard. We stop by our favorite little Heladeria (Ice Cream Shop) and visit with the owner, who is a Spaniard who has spent time in Chicago and speaks English. After last night, I will be making "Turon" my new flavor of choice! Then we come into the main hub of activity and most of the time, just bask in the power of observance. Family's with strollers like ours, couples young and old, accordions providing the soundtrack. It is really quite alluring...except for the accordions of course! But even then, somehow it is the right context for them.

There are nights when we witness a tremendous sense of joy and excitment. There is a contentment with simplicity that has always attracted me to Europe in general, and now Spain in particular. They speak of this quality in their description of Jerez: "Muy Traquillo," very tranquil, very peaceful.

Sometimes one could be fooled that there is no further need. Look at these people. They are all seemingly happy and joyous. And yet how great the need is for them to know Jesus Christ as more than an icon, more than a picture on a piece of stained glass. I imagine Jesus beckoning to this country, standing on the corners of the streets, calling attention to Himself, saying, "How many times have I wanted to gather you unto me, as a hen to her chicks." I wonder if Jesus weeps over Jerez as He did over Jerusalem, the city who had a form of godliness, but denied the power of God.

For me as a missionary, these sights are not just some novel moments in time. They are pictures of faces and people who need a Savior. There boulevard is broad, but so is the way to destruction, and many are on it.

Blessings To The Friends Of Spain,
Frank Sanchez

More Nightlife Pics

Saturday weddings at the local Catholic Church must be reserved as many as 3 years in advance! This is usually not a problem as couples usually are engaged for several years.

This is my favorite building ediface in Jerez. I don't know what it is, but I just love the look of it!

This area is where the "marketplace" is held every weekend. Open air market, reeling in the unsuspecting tourists!

I have seen several of these types of cars here. It seems to be the "Limo" of choice among new brides.

Thursday, June 08, 2006


This was actually a "light night" when it comes to people. This area is usually packed on Summer nights.

These guys are with the local musicians union. They are out here every night, playing for tables. People pay, either to appreciate or make them stop, but "accordion" to them, they are the best in town!!

You will see these sidewalk cafes everywhere. Any one of them serves up the greatest delight: a cafe con leche! Awesome coffee here in Spain. The people just sit, eat their tappas and talk with great gusto.

Here's an alternate view of the center. Angel Avila, Calvario De Jerez church member, makes his internet debut in the lower left corner of the picture.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Frank's Visa Is In!!!!

This message was sent in an email today to our Spain Chain... If you are on the Spain Chain, it may be in your email box right now...If not, you can get on the Chain for monthly updates...just a reminder:)

Dear Friends,

Just a quick note to let you know that the Spanish Consulate has called and informed us that my visa has been approved and that it is ready to pick up in Los Angeles! The Consulate informs us that this is the way it normally happens, and that the rest of our family will be approved soon based on the fact that I have been approved. It is truly a time to rejoice and be excited that the Lord has heard our prayers and has confirmed that He wants us to be here in Spain. The process for my approval took less than 4 months! That alone is a miracle worth blessing the Lord over!

We are currently making plans to return to the United States around the 20th of June. This will give me time to get to the Consulate as they have given us a deadline of 30 days to pick it up my visa. Our prayer, and we again ask you to join us, is that the family’s visas will be processed very soon so that our stay in the States will not have to be extended any longer than necessary.

Thank you so much for your prayers and your support over these last few years. It has meant so much to us to have your faithful participation in this ministry with us. We will keep you posted on what we hope will be quick developments regarding the rest of our family’s visa status.

Frank Sanchez

Now, for our internet viewership...

This visa process has been a tremendous battle to wage, but it is only the preliminary to what we feel lies ahead of us. When we finally get the visas for the entire family, all that will be concluded is the prelude to the real work here in Spain. I am so excited to be part of it, and I rejoice with our family in the states, our friends and church here in Jerez, and our fellow missionaries who are spread out over the Iberian Peninsula. Right now we are few, but I pray as time would allow, that many more would join the ranks and get on board with a vision to see the hearts of the Spanish turned to Jesus Christ, and see Him as more than a religious Icon. Indeed, that they would see Him as Savior, Lord, and Friend and that the love that we diffuse would open wide the path to a movement of the Holy Spirit unparraleled.

This is why next week, we are calling all of our Spain Chain and our internet viewership to pray and fast. Beginning June 12th, next Monday, we are going to be praying and fasting for the nation of Spain. Every day next week, I will be posting the prayer topic for the given day. We ask that you would take some time during each day and focus your prayer attention on the topic, praying what the Lord would lay on your heart. Perhaps you would feel so inclined to participate by fasting a meal or series of meals. However you would be joyfully led is wonderful to us.

Until then...

Blessings To The Friends Of Spain,
Frank Sanchez