Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Her Grandparents Will Be Proud

Hello All,

One of the great advantages of working at a Church is the steady flow of information that you can get on your own kids. I tend not to seek information out and Brenda, our children's ministry director, rarely gives a bad report. However, when she comes across something wonderful that our kids do, she comes and shares it with me. She brought me Renae's prayer request today. It concerns Renae's new 2 month old cousin Charis. Her request looks like this:

"god please help Cusen Karis to be a foller of you're kindom from Renae"...a little heart under her own name!

While the spelling is nothing to be proud of, the sentiment is!

Too cute!

Blessings...To Our Friends,

Sunday, April 19, 2009

And Then There Was A Dull Hum (Tidbits)

Hello All,

I have been on vacation this last week, which has been very necessary for my mind and body. Thankfully, it was a great and restful week. Now, it's time to re-start my mind and get ready for a busy season coming, as summer rapidly approaches. Here's a few things that I have been thinking about this last week:

- I love living in Ladera Ranch! I would almost say that it's the greatest place on Earth. Great nature trails, awesome parks, perfect pools and quiet when it's right to be quiet. It's a great place to have a "Staycation." If anyone wants to vacation here, let us know and maybe we can rent out our extra room to you!

- That being said, this last week, we had an attempted robbery of the Wells Fargo bank very near to us. The robber parked his Mercedes right around the corner from our house. He biked to his car from the bank, dropped his bike and escaped in his Mercedes. Unfortunately for him, all of the neighborhood kids were out there and easily identified the man and his car! He was caught within 5 minutes! He was "Scooby Dooed!" "I would have gotten away with it if it weren't for those kids!" Bravo kids!

- Speaking of bikes, the kids and I have done 3 bike rides this week. It's incredible fun to be able to play with the kids this way. Of course, there will always be stoppage when a "rolly polly" is found! The girls can't get enough of those things.

- We went to the Dollar Theatre in Woodbridge this last week. $1.00 on Tuesdays, $1.50 on other days, for second run films. Not bad! We saw "Hotel for Dogs." I won't be able to get that 2 hours back! But the kids got a few good laughs in.

- Thanks to Carrie Allen, we got the chance to stay at the Double Tree hotel in Del Mar for free. Well, mostly free! We got there and the man at the desk said, "Have you met up with your group?" Lela and I looked at each other and I responded to the man, "We are our group!" The man asserted that there were 40 of us. I looked back at him and said, "I promise: It's just us!" I quickly discovered that we were part of a group that was to take a tour of the facility and then have a group dinner. "OH, it's a sales pitch!" I'm slow!

- Hilarious moment of the tour for me: "We have ________ skin products in all of our bathrooms, provided exclusively to the Double Tree." You mean, those little shampoos and conditioners can only be found here!? No wonder people steal them!

- Best moment of the evening: At dinner, we sat at the same table with 4 Arabic Christians who go all over the Arab world performing Medical mission work. Their work is inspiring.

- On my iPod this last week: A series on the "Work of the Word" by John MacArthur, Isaiah 35 by Chuck Smith, Themes From James by R.C. Sproul and "God's Purpose And Plan" by James MacDonald. Cap it off with a visit to Calvary Chapel Pacific Hills today with a sermon by Dave Rolph on Ephesians 4. I feel so full of the Word and grateful for gifted men.

- Record highs on the last day of this vacation. As I type, I am enjoying the slightest breeze, but not nearly enough. I am not ready for summer conditions yet.

- AND FINALLY, since I was young, I have been a huge Laker fan. The Lakers beat the Jazz today in game 1 in their race for their first title since Uncle Chick died. If you are unable to reach me during Laker games, don't take it personally.

Hope you have a great week.

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Final Thought On The Resurrection...For This Year

Hello All,

As if my last post was not enough, I still had some leftovers this morning as I woke up. By the way, it amazes me, how one can sleep on a thought, only to wake up and be right back in the same conversation! It's as if I didn't sleep at all, though I truly did not sleep very much, given the Sunrise service at 6AM...anyway, I digress.

Here is my final thought that was born out of my pondering the message of the resurrection. I believe that the resurrection says something like this, from Jesus to the unbelieving world:

"If you must go to hell, you must first trample over my dead body at the cross and the love that was shown there. Then you must walk through my empty tomb and ignore the power that was displayed there. Then, you must explain away the life that I live through my people and the joy that is evident there. You might make it, but I have made the road as difficult as possible to travel."

These of course, are my words, encompassing a message that I believe speaks greater volumes than can ever be captured in one blog post. The beauty of the resurrection is that it will inspire me to try again and again!

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Resurrection Weekend

Hello All,

Tonight, I sit here knowing that I represent a minority of people on this Earth, who are still fully convinced that Jesus Christ is God, has come in the flesh, accomplished the work of salvation through His life, death and subsequent resurrection. His life is our example. His death was our punishment. His resurrection is our promise that we will experience the same!

500 people saw Jesus after His resurrection, most of whom were alive when the New Testament was written. Most of the 12 disciples suffered violent deaths, which could have been avoided if they had just recanted their faith. Today, millions of Christians have experienced the peace that comes with knowing Christ. Alternately, millions of Christian missionaries remain in hiding for fear of the loss of their lives, all because they believe and trust in a living Christ. THIS NIGHT, there are some who will die for the name of Jesus. Can they all be delusional!?

Is He real? Does He live? Is belief in Him necessary for entrance into His fulfilled Kingdom? I answer all of these with my most resolute yes. I will bank my eternity on the truth of the claims of Jesus to be God, to be the Savior of the World (for those who believe) and to be the King of Peace, who will rule forever.

But what about all those great minds who have spoken against the truth of the resurrection? What about those scholars and scientists who propogate a belief that it's all false?

Those who have tried to discredit Jesus and the resurrection, upon honest examination, have failed. In fact, many of these have become the greatest apologists for the faith they once attacked! A great example is Frank Morrison, who wrote "Who Moved The Stone?", an avowed rationalistic skeptic bent on refuting the resurrection.

"Dr. Frank Morrison, a lawyer who had been brought up in a rationalistic environment, had come to the opinion that the resurrection was nothing but a fairy-tale happy ending which spoiled the matchless story of Jesus. He felt that he owed it to himself and others to write a book that would present the truth about Jesus and dispel the mythical story of the resurrection.

Upon studying the facts, however, he, too, came to a different conclusion. The sheer weight of the evidence compelled him to conclude that Jesus actually did rise from the dead. Morrison wrote his book--but not the one he had planned. It is titled, Who Moved the Stone? The first chapter, very significantly, is, “The Book That Refused to Be Written.” From Bible.org

I remember that Saul of Tarsus ran into Jesus when he was trying to persecute Him. He later became Paul the Apostle, the most brilliant mind of his time. His story is repeated over and over again. Some of the most articulate, educated men have come out fighting, looking for blood, hoping to stop the claims of the resurrection. Many have tried, ALL HAVE FAILED!

Greater men than exist today have tried and have failed to stand up to the veracity of the resurrection. Today, the resurrection stands as truth. That was a PERIOD!

I stand therefore, not based solely on my own beliefs and thus my own intelligence. I stand here tonight, not convinced just because I "feel" it. I stand here on the shoulders of men who have come before me, who have lived their lives and died, believing, and thus, banking on the truth of Jesus' claims. I stand here tonight on the shoulders of giants who have looked into the truth of the resurrection and have then bowed the knee to the One that they found, risen and powerful, alive and well!

Tonight, I stand on a faith that is based on reasonable proof and reliable witnesses. Yes, there is an element of faith, but that is true in any belief system. For the athiest and the agnostic, their faith is a rejection of mine, but it is faith nonetheless, without much in the way of reason. I will take my step of faith over theirs ANY DAY OF THE WEEK!!

Tonight, I bow my knee to Jesus Christ, the Author, Finisher and Object of my faith. I trust Him more today than ever before. I implore you to do the same. But if you will not, and if the world wills not, as for me and my house, Jesus will ever be exalted as the Risen King Of Kings and Lord of Lords.

This same Jesus loves YOU, whoever you are. He is real. He is alive. He. Is. God. He died to satisfy God's wrath upon the sin that separates us from Him. For those who trust in Jesus, that penalty is waived and the gift exchange is eternal life with Christ.

If you would,

Acknowledge that you are a sinner.

Trust in Jesus, who lived a perfect life, died a violent death and rose on the third day.

Repent from any known sin.

Receive His love and forgiveness.


The resurrected Christ will reign in your hearts, as He reigns in Heaven today.

That's the promise of God. That is the purpose of Christ's resurrection!

Happy Resurrection Weekend!

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

What Is The Greatest Threat To Christianity?

Hello All,

Lela and I were just talking about this subject the other night. The sentiments expressed in this short video, clearly articulate the end of that conversation. (Before you watch this, please let me refer you to the following disclaimer that I wrote the last time John Mac was featured here.) I might also say, that I may have even used the word "insipid" but I was not wearing a suit, which goes to show that you can wear a t-shirt, shorts and flip flops and still have a valid ecclesialogical opinion. I might just write more about this later, but I'll let this suffice for now.

I hope that this stirs you up as much as it has stirred me up.

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez