What He Will Do

"And Abraham said to God, 'Oh, that Ishmael might live before You!' Then God said: 'No..."
Genesis 17:18,19a

Just listen to the plaintive voice of Abraham: "Oh that Ishmael might live before you." He wants to talk God into accepting Ishmael as the promised descendant, through whom, the Messiah would come. Ishmael was created through Sarah's suggestion, by Abraham's strength, through worldly means, and most importantly, without God's endorsement. Ishmael was a prized product of Abraham's flesh. Ishmael represents the products of our flesh life. He is the perfect prototype.
Abraham loved Ishmael and wanted God to bless him. There is nothing wrong with that, but what Abraham is asking is out of place. Abraham has made a huge decision without consulting God and is now asking God to bless it!

Have you ever done that? Consider these scenarios:
"I have just bought this home and didn't consult the Lord. Could you please bless this mess AND give me the money that I didn't have in the first place!?"

"I have married without God's permission. Can you now make it right!? Can you make THEM right!?"
"I took this job and never asked for God's approval. Can He tweak a few things and make it the dream job that He promised to give?"

I wish that we can all hear this. The answer to the question, "Will you bless my fleshly efforts?" is a simple, direct "no." "Will He bless your attempts to content yourself apart from His hand of provision?" NO! Sadly, He will not endorse such things.

God won't bless the works of our flesh, but He will bring new life. He can be faithful to His promise in spite of our impatience and failure to perfectly, obediently wait for His best. From Sarah, her name meaning, "noblewoman," He'll bring Isaac, meaning, "laughter." That's what He always intended to bring. That's what He wants to bring into your life as well! Instead, Abraham and Sarah settled for their own plan, which had not produced what they hoped that it would, namely the promised covenant descendant. Will you wait on Him or rush ahead, relying on your own strength, wisdom and resources to bring about the best for your life?

The life, the promise, the wisdom, the answer, the mate, etc. that God wants to bring into your life is worth the wait, because that will always result in laughter, joy, excitement and blessing!