Sunday, August 07, 2011

6 Months Later...

Hello All,

Here is what we have been doing the last 6 months of our lives! We took all of the Ana footage and put it into a 6 minute montage. Think of this as a "1 Minute A Month Montage!" Maybe, you might even take it in 2 minute intervals, that way it can be a "Trilogy!" Then you might just watch the entire thing in one setting because it's annoying having to wait for parts 2 & 3, unless you don't like it and then you can just watch the first part and not have to spend your hard earned money on the final installments. But then again, this is totally free, so don't look a gift horse in the mouth, which I imagine would be gross, which is why you won't find a "Gift Horse" in this little movie, which is all the more incentive to watch it!

Anyway, however you end up viewing this, if at all, thanks for checking it out!


Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Welcome Ana Grace Sanchez

And here she is...Ana Grace Sanchez! By the numbers, she is baby #4, girl #3. She was born at 12:04PM, January 31st at Redlands Community Hospital. At birth, she weighed in 7Ilbs, 13.5 oz and was measured at 20 inches long, making her our biggest baby to date. Thankfully, at this time, she seems to be quite a sleeper, though her need to feed keeps her coming back for more every 2 hours.

This being our 4th baby, much was different this time around. For example, while we delivered at the same hospital (by "we," I mean Lela!), the wing that we delivered in is brand new. Both Lela's Dad and Lela were also born there, so the history runs deep. The new ward, as far as baby wards go, is pretty nice.

The other difference is wifi access. Years ago, we actually had to call people...on the phone...which was connected to a cord coming out of the wall! And all the kids say, "ooohhh!" This time, I was able to get things out on Facebook and had some instantaneous reporting going on. I did want to put in a status that said "PUSH!" but I felt that might have strained at the boundaries of good taste!

Another difference was in the way that the hospital staff allowed the baby to remain with Lela the entire time. Years ago, they let you have a few "skin-to-skin" moments and then promptly ushered the baby away for several hours to perform various tests upon them. This time, they just let Ana stay with Mom who was happy to have the time.

One final difference was that this birth was induced. Having the opportunity to plan a birth was a very different phenomena for us. We almost didn't know what to do with ourselves. Usually, Lela and I hit Olive Garden, she starts contracting and by the middle of the night, she wakes me out of a dead sleep and tells me, "It's time." This time, we were given a date and then just nervously waited for it to take place. Personally, I don't miss the old way...though, I am always good for some Olive Garden! I'm getting hungry...I digress!

This last point leads me to tell you that the more things change, the more they stay the same! All the other births began to happen in the middle of the night. It turns out that when you are induced, you don't get to choose the time for inducement. In fact, they start scheduling inducement at 1AM. Our slot was supposed to be 4AM, but we needed to call at 3AM to find out if there was an available bed. It turns out that when Lela did call at 3AM, that they told her that we were not scheduled to come in until 7AM, so we were to call back at 6AM! Of course, both of us were already inducement or natural, it's the middle of the night for us Sanchezes!

Also returning to their previous roles were the Moms, who have been at every birth. It is an amazing blessing to have both Moms within a few minutes of the hospital. Thankfully, Dad Finfrock was able to take the kids during the birth so that Mom could be there. As always, we thank our parents for their monumental support and love.

And then, there was the actual birth. I am thankful to report that I have never been pregnant. I'm amazed at my wife, who faced her most difficult pregnancy with her usual grace. There were a few times when she reported to the nursing staff that her deliveries were usually fast. Not knowing her, these statements were taken a little lightly. At one point the Doctor actually said, "Well, sometimes it's different with inducements" a small hint of Doctoral condescension in her voice. Lela confidently knowing what none of us could know.

When they broke her water, the birth took only a 30 minutes to move her from a 5 to a 9 and Lela said, "She's moving." I admit: I wouldn't ever want to know what that meant! What it meant was that this baby was coming and the staff went into action. It was not very long before the head started to show and little Ana came out, virtually purple from head to toe. It's a miracle that they come out that way, but then become little people, who eventually become big people...but they start so small and vulnerable. It's truly phenomenal to consider that God allows such weakness and then trusts them to the hands of two very exhausted parents!

A few hours passed and the original three came by to visit their new sister. The girls were ecstatic, showing their emotions freely. Caleb was a bit more apprehensive, but excited nonetheless. Of all the wonderful things about this birth, I think that watching them experience and share her life will be one of the best things. Their eyes of love, protection and concern tell the whole story of the type of family that Ana can expect. Earlier today, Renae was outlining all the ways that they were going to help, none of which is going to happen, but it's the thought that counts!

All things being what they are, different or similar, the result is the same: We're so very thankful to the Lord who has entrusted us with this life. We pray that it will be a life that pleases Him all of her days!