Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Because I Won't Lose Them Again!

 This past weekend, we lost yet another computer! That's about 4 untimely computer deaths, which of course equals a good deal of loss. Yes, I know: Back things up! Truth is, you get lulled into a false sense of security, thinking, "I've got time. I'll do that this weekend." Of course, as with other very important things in life...hint hint...they often get put off until it is too late! Thankfully, much of what has been lost can be rebuilt and some can be restored from having shared on Facebook. The thought of another loss though has put me in a mood to make sure that some of these pictures never get lost again. So, here I am, back at the one stable place we've had over the last several years. Good ol' faithful!

These are some of my favorites. This will be the first of such posts, but not likely the last.

Me and my sister Woods just before leaving to Spain. She passed away just 3 years ago.

Grandma Irene

On the Mediterranean Sea

This might be the coat from The Christmas Story!

Maybe a glimpse into the future? Note the fake tatoo on the arm...I really hope that part is not part of the future!

He used to say, "I play drums and cymbals!"

In Cadiz, near the ruins of Tarshish.

Land sharks are always a danger!

Yep, Pirates need sunglasses like this!