Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's A Video Fest!! Merry Christmas!

Hello All,

Several notable items have come to my attention over the last week or so, and a few of them have Youtube videos attached to them. Of course, the first among them is the video directly below this blog post, containing our latest video of our kids, which we believe to be the funniest video we have produced. If you haven't seen it, we invite you to enjoy at your leisure. Lazy and you need a link? Here it is!

But there are other videos. For example, a great video that our church administrator Carrie Allen participated in with her friends from Biola made me laugh incessantly. Carrie makes me laugh quite often in the office and at her blog. With post titles like this, it's hard not to! So the video: It's called "All Things Are Better In Koine." "Koine" being the common Greek that is used in biblical texts and spoken in popular language during New Testament times. Here's the video:

Then I caught this just this evening. Most of you who know me, know that I LOVE words. I credit my 11th grade history teacher, Steve Hickok with this love affair. I took "Communication" with him and he introduced me to a world of words that I just needed to master. I believe it's enriched my life, though at times, it has been a curse to others. To them, I say: Get a dictionary! Ah, but a dictionary is what this next video is about. The New Webster's Dictionary has chosen it's "Word Of The Year." I did not know that there was a "Word Of The Year" so I will follow this from now on. In explaining the word of the year pick, there is also some interesting social commentary that you might be interested in if you happen to be in the younger generation of readers. Here is that video:

And finally, on a most serious note, I found these videos last week. It is Pastor John MacArthur, being interviewed by Kirk Cameron on TBN. The subject? The Gospel. Take a look for yourself:

I know that MacArthur is responding to the type of theology that is espoused and celebrated on TBN. While I do not endorse THAT, I also would say that there might be a balance to what Pastor MacArthur said. The gospel does NOT promise riches or a "happier life" but it DOES produce a qualitatively better existence than living without Christ and the good news of His victory. I DO believe that we have something to celebrate, smile and enjoy.

THAT being said, I LOVE John MacArthur's take on the Corinthians passage. I have definitely used that illustration many times and am very grateful for that excellent bit of biblical work.

(Now, as I am increasingly sensitive to the discernment ministry hounds that have become as prevalent in Christian circles as the paparazzi have in the world. It makes me feel like writing a disclaimer, probably one that would look like this:

"Frank and Lela's use of the following quote/media does not represent endorsement of this person's ministry. We are unaware of their "ology" (enter "pneumat, eschat, bibliol, or bi") or any comment or teaching they have presented, which may or may not agree with our theology. Additionally, we are sorry if their actions have hurt or offended you in any way. We are unaware of that and do not intend to promote them or their ministry in a consistent manner on this blog. Our endorsement is solely related to that which has been quoted or presented on this blog, believing that the content of that quote or media alone is consistent with our feelings on that particular subject alone. Thank you.")

I join wholeheartedly with Pastor MacArthur and his passion for the purity of the message of the Gospel and it's indictment against that which is passed off as preaching the "Gospel" today. I'm thankful for men like him, for that stance specifically, that stand in stark contrast to so many "peddlers" that have gained so much attention for their addiction to "itching ears" theology.

Now, some non-"Tube" related things, but still of interest. As many of you know, President Elect Obama has invited Pastor Rick Warren to do the Inaugaural Invocation. Many in the homosexual community have taken offense at this. I read this and thought that it was interesting.

And FINALLY: Hopefully, this article KILLS all those drummer jokes that I have heard for years. I'm so happy for this vindication!

Merry Christmas all and GO LAKERS!

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez


Carrie said...

Yay, finally! I get some props! "Booyah Satan"...I totally forgot about that one! I try to make them funny :)

Thanks for posting my video, and thanks for posting the Kirk videos...those are hilarious (to me). Merry Christmas!

Frank And Lela said...

The funny parts to me are 1) the ackward silence of the crowd, 2) Kirk's very leading questions, 3) the uncomfortability between MacArthur and Kirk, & 4) MacArthur's total seriousness!

Those things are very funny! The content however, is golden.

And then there is "Booyah Satan!" That was the blog title of the year in my opinion!