Friday, December 19, 2008

Because Nobody Believes Us!

Hello All,

Most people see our children in one light and most of those times, it is in church or some other public place. They come across as angelic, perfect little beings, who are shy when spoken to and quiet when answering a question. Here's how they really are!

The responses to this video will vary in the widest of ways. For example, some with children will be encouraged that a Pastor's kids act this way. At the same time, others with children will be DIScouraged that a Pastor's kids act this way. For singles or newly marrieds, this will be employed as birth control! If there is a psychologist in the house, I am sure that they will want to contact us for a "session" or two!

However, our responses will likely fall into these particular feelings, at least once: 1) These kids are ridiculously cute and 2) they are pretty hilarious. Lizzy admitted today to "fake crying" at least once, which was great to get on camera!

Hopefully, you will enjoy watching it as much as I did making it.

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez


mhcowen said...

You couldn't expect us to believe you actually enjoy being parents, now could you?! NEVER A DULL MOMENT! Sure miss you guys...

Jeff and Aimee said...

How does Elizabeth do that with her mouth? It must be a rare gift.

Frank And Lela said...


We truly do love being parents, especially with kids as entertaining as ours!


Two Words: Her Mother! :) I have no idea how she contorts herself or where that comes from in her psyche. It's hilarious though!

Thanks ladies for chiming in!


Jason Dean B said...

i can't believe you let your kids act that way. you might consider taking a parenting class.. wow we're really concern.. blah blah blahh ha ha ha... loved it!

Patty said...

I totally believe you. I have had the privilege of witnessing their goofiness first hand. They are a unique combination of their mom and dad. The fun side that is.

The thing that I was most impressed with was your editing skills, Frank. Very intertaining. I give this film 2 enthusiastic thumbs up!

April said...

i'm with you...they are ridiculously cute.

April said...
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Frank And Lela said...


We're signed up as we speak!


Thanks for the kudos. I do feel that this was the one that I experimented with the most and it paid off mostly. I am currently asking the Kneppers (Our high school Pastor, his wife and their cat) for some input. When I'm a grown film editor, I might just like to be like them.


No: I'm WITH YOU! They really are just stinkin cute!

Have a merry christmas guys!