Monday, June 19, 2006

A Big Thank You...

Hello All,

Thank you all so much for joining us last week in our endeavor to pray for the nation of Spain. I did not notice any parts of the earth split open, and I checked the mountains and they had not moved either. That being said, our hearts were stirred and I believe our vision solidified with regard to what the Lord would call us to be here in Spain. I am sure that you had similar results in your hearts as well and we are grateful that we are joined in this way.

Next up this week for us is a long plan flight home. We will be leaving Jerez on Thursday morning and arriving in Los Angeles that same evening. We will be in the California for until the end of July and will look forward to spending time with our families and friends. Our prayer request for this time is simple: The completion of our Family's visas. They are processing and in order for us to return to Spain in a timely manner, they need to be finished and picked up. Please pray that this takes place while we are home, so that we will not be delayed.

Finally, just a quick note to those that are checking on this site often, due to travel time this week, I will likely blog at least once more before we leave and then it will likely be a little silent around here until Monday or Tuesday of next week. Some of you will likely see us before you read from us again.

Blessings To The Friends Of Spain,
Frank Sanchez

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