Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"They Told Me I Was Dressed Like A Pirate!"

Hello All,

What you are about to see is disturbing. I just received these photos from one of our favorite babysitters, Kristin. These were taken during our last Spain Team meeting. Two things before I write more: Pictures are few and far between because our camera has permanently malfunctioned and second, Caleb is often at the very least, double teamed by girls, having two sisters.

Now, onto what happened. It was a wonderful night of fellowship and story telling. We were wrapping things up when Kristin brought the children downstairs from the Usher home. Our meeting was complete but we were sitting there chatting away (CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!?) and lo and behold, Caleb appears before the entire group looking like this:Notice that Cameron is not "dressed like a pirate!" And truly, Caleb follows in his Daddy's footsteps, IN THAT, Daddy was also influenced by girls in his early life. For example, my cousin Julie once told me to throw a dead chicken over the fence and into her yard. So I did! Very quickly after, an adult came up to me and asked why I had thrown a DEAD CHICKEN into his yard, to which I replied, "Because Julie asked me to!"

So I guess I can excuse my son for this, though just to be sure, the next day we played with trucks, threw a football and watched the "Jack Bauer Be-A-Man" marathon! Things have gotten better for my now 4 year old son, who is learning that he should check with his Dad when it comes to appropriate Pirate garb! Hey, at least it wasn't a chicken!

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez


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