Saturday, May 12, 2007

Apologetics & National Media Outlets

Hello All,

Before I say anything else, let me say first that I am thankful for the brothers and sisters who are gifted and excited to enter the public arena and defend our holy and precious faith. I am thankful for ministries like The Way Of The Master, who are taking the battle to the public and have championed the cause of aggressive street evangelism. They are truly a great ministry with wonderful resources for such things.

The reason though that I write is the program that I stumbled upon last night. I was waiting to watch the 11PM sports and commercial came on advertising that "Nightline," a program that I believe employs the oldest living heart donors in the world, and constantly seems to champion an Anti-Christian agenda, was hosting a debate between some noted athiests and TWOTM's Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron. For those who missed it, here is the
link to the online version. As always, I was tempted to just go to bed and avoid the carnage, but I was too intrigued, so I stayed up. Boy do I wish I went to bed!!

As usual, the Christians were fed to the lions in our modern day version of the Coliseum, and were never quite given the opportunity to prove or present anything.

The question before the world was, "Is There Proof For The Existence Of God?" It went downhill from there!

I don't write to condemn TWOTM or even ABC. Both are fulfilling their dreams and agendas. But I walked away with some observations that I wanted to get off my chest, talk about, share, etc.

First, the national media will never give a fair and balanced presentation for this explosive question. To believe that they can or desire to is naive. Does that mean that we stop trying? Certainly not! However, if we are not to be discouraged, we must anticipate an onslaught of intense dislike for the Christian Worldview.

Second, we must be clear in our gospel presentation at all times! If the name "Jesus Christ" is not named everytime we share the gospel, we are missing the opportunity. Let me explain: ABC likely edited out every mention of Jesus Christ that was in rightful context. But they did have Kirk Cameron saying that if you accepted "God into your heart..." The word "God" is not an offense to the world. And let me say that God is not who we accept into our hearts, though Jesus Christ is God! We DO accept Jesus Christ as Savior, God, Redeemer. Any gospel presentation without Jesus Christ is less than complete and not truly the powerful, life-changing message of salvation. Therefore, I would hope that if I were ever interviewed by somebody from the media, that I would have the name of Jesus Christ on my lips in every statement!

Third, and perhaps a little controversial, apologetics is an interesting practice. The word means "defense" am I right? We are to have answer for the hope that is in within us, a defense for what we believe. Should we ever be on the offense? Certainly there are occasions in conversation that will turn this way. Should we seek the opportunity to be offensive? I am not sure. Let the world be offended at Christ, she already is by the way, but let her not be offended at my method of presentation.

Let me explain further. When a sinner comes to the end of their rope, and I have seen this at funerals or just after a drunken binge or a pending jail sentence. At that point, the pride of the person lost in their sin is broken to the point of reception to the gospel. When a person, full of pride and arrogantly, radically opposed to Christ's claim upon their life, is confronted with the gospel, offering it to such a one is like throwing pearls to swine! It is damaging to the one offering it.

What is God calling us to do? Reach, disciple, and testify to the World. How has He told us to do this? To preach, verbally, the whole content of the Word of God and His salvation by faith in Jesus Christ alone, by His grace alone. When does He call us to do that? Well, I guess that is the question that I pose in this entry.

Again, I applaud Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron for their efforts. I wish I did not have to see them so utterly abused. I love their ministry and the resources they offer and I wish them well.

To the rest of us who are not in their position, we should pray for their wisdom and protection as they go out into the world and evangelize. For our part, we should seek to be involved in as committed a fashion, to the power of God unto salvation, namely the Gospel of Jesus Christ, redeeming every opportunity to share the hope that lies within us with a dying world around us.

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez


Brandy Carlos said...

My neck is sore from nodding in agreement. God (god) has become so generic in today's culture that it's difficult to discern sometimes who worships the true, living God. The name Jesus Christ puts that matter to rest. Your message is very well spoken!

Frank & Lela said...


Thanks so much for the affirming words and checking in! It's always so appreciated!

I hope that we can truly begin to see a generation raised that is not afraid to name the name of Jesus Christ, to proudly be captivated by His Spirit, so that we might be faithful witnesses of Jesus Christ's transforming power!

Thanks Brandy!