Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Busy As Usual

Hello All,

Sorry that it has been a little quiet here this past few days. As usual, things are rather busy around the office and the house. On the office front, we are busy getting both our Steak And Study Men's Summer Series and our first Inductive Bible Study Seminar off the ground. Planning has turned to driving around the O.C. to let churches know that the Steak and Study will be especially open to the public, seeing that Steve Arterburn, author of "Every Man's Battle" will be our first speaker! This has taken a good deal of time to get going and I am excited to see it come together, here at the end of May. The IBS seminar will be taking place the first weekend of June and again, we are praying that the Lord will bless. Seeing that the Bible is CENTRAL to the vision that the Lord has given us as a Church, we put particular importance on learning to study it! I pray that we will see a great turnout for each event.

On the home front, we have been watching grass grow in the backyard and Lela has been busy keeping the house clean in case we have any potential buyers! Over this last weekend, Lela attended our ladies retreat and had a wonderful time listening to Cora Alley, who spoke to Calvary Laguna, Sanctuary Church and Calvary Chapel Carlsbad at the Murrieta conference center. Unfortunately, Renae and I both got sick and Lela needed to come home late Saturday night so that I could get to church on Sunday. I am told by other women that Lela actually got up and exhorted the ladies during the afterglow and that it was a really powerful time in the Lord Saturday night. I was so glad that she got the chance to go.

Sunday I again got to play the drums for Chris Reinhardt and even managed to play competently while heavily relying on "Contact" to keep my running nose at bay.

All in all, I was reminded during all this activity just how important it is to keep Jesus and pleasing Him, the motivation for why I do what I do. I admit that I LOVE what I am doing! I have not enjoyed myself like this for quite some time. It is very reminiscent of my time in Spain, except without the language issues! Now, that being the case, I want to do what I do for the love of Jesus, not for the love of the work for Jesus! I drive flyers around Orange County, promoting a series of events that will free men to love Jesus. I promote hard the IBS because I love to have the ability to study God's Word, SO THAT I MIGHT KNOW HIM! I love watching my wife get involved and useful to the hands of the Lord, because it pleases Him. I love playing drums, knowing that I am serving a need in His church, creating an environment whereby He is loved and honored! I am busy doing, but I never want to lose the sight of being in love with Jesus.

After all, Heaven will not be about what I did for Him, but how much I enjoyed Him in what I did! I won't find my fulfillment in service, but in perfect, uninterupted communion with Jesus, my Savior and Lord. Heaven is Jesus and even streets of gold and mansions would be empty, vain things without Him.

I pray that you would feel the same.

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez


Patty said...

I was so excited to read that Lela got to hear Cora Alley teach. She was at our retreat last year and get this........she is one of JoJo's favorite professors at HIU. What a blessing! Talk about the "family in Christ". It's so cool how we all connect.

We miss you guys. It's neat to hear the joy in your heart coming through your written words.

me =)

Frank & Lela said...


It turns out that Cora Alley is the sister of one the people here at Calvary Laguna, which is how we got connected with her. I had heard that she was a college prof., but Jojo's...small world.

I appreciate it. I definitely want to keep returning to that point, where as we were talking about, heaven becomes more about Jesus and less about rewards, streets of gold and mansions. I want that to continue to be my heart's mantra.