Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Sweet Taste Of Victory

Hello All,

Friday night was a great night of fellowship for Lela, the kids and myself, as we drove down to Orange County for a Calvary Laguna Staff hang. It was held at Ted and Fayanna's house (Thank you guys!) and it featured good eats, a lot of laughs and the rare competitive foray, provided by the official staff game, "Catchphrase."

It began with tri-tip. Ah, if only everything began this way! Aside from being a fine teacher and an excellent leader, Chris Norman is great on the grill! He's 2 for 2 at the grill, providing some excellent meat. Then we all sat down and enjoyed some conversation together. I always think that the marks of a great staff are seen when they can sit down and talk about everything, not just work, and be totally comfortable. That has proved to be the case each time. Of course, it's always a little embarrassing, as somehow discussion of my famous mullet from the 80's and early 90's inevitably comes into play.

After dinner, we discussed some more and really got the chance to find out things about each other that would otherwise go unnoticed. I was amazed to hear the stories of family histories and the stories of how we all got married. Each of these things seem trite, but when you serve together, these things tend to really bond you with one another.

And speaking of bonding, nothing does it like catchphrase. We played our first round and the ladies took it 7-6. The especially galling part about this last round was the fact that it ended with me trying to get the guys to say "Rock Of Gibraltar." My clues were not so helpful, as I said, "mountain...large...southern Spain...MONKEYS!" I thought to myself: MONKEYS! Ridiculous! Time ran out and there was a large celebration from the female contingent, led by Tatum Norman who was especially vindicated. It was decided at that point that, however, that due to some controversy over the last round, that another round would be necessary, and then a lightning round to make sure of the victory.

The second round was contentious, with near fights breaking out! But the men prevailed. The tide really started to turn, and I dare say that I believe that God was on our side when the men guessed "Ottoman Empire!"

Finally, the lightning round saw the men win 2 to 1 and the real celebration began! High fives were rolling everywhere, the Super Bowl had been won...the ladies, well, they played with great spirit!

It was a late night, but it was a good night and a blessing for all that were there. We went home talking about what a good night it was, thankful for the team that the Lord has put together at Calvary Laguna.

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez