Monday, October 09, 2006

Some Light Confusion!

Hello All,

You'll notice that the last post says "Friday." I had to delay that one so that I could email our Spain Team about the decision first, which I was able to get to this fine Monday morning. Sorry, you are not crazy: The weekend had no update!

Some of why I have been out of contact has to do with a few things that I would ask you to pray for. I have been in contact with a few people this last week who have received some troubling news from their Doctors. I am glad that I have been here to pray for and talk with them, but also to ask you to pray for them.

Last week, I told you about Mike Petty and thankfully his successful surgical procedure to remove a tumor from his brain. A few days later, the news of the tumor's malignity took us all aback. We are praying for his complete healing and restoration to full health.

Also last week, I caught up with one of my great musical partners from the last several years, Harvey Ledesma. His wonderful wife Sylvia has been diagnosed with cancer. She went down to the City of Hope last Friday and they are awaiting diagnosis to find the most effective treatment. I got the chance to meet with them last Thursday Night and annoint her with oil, according to James 5:13 and following. Please pray that God would comfort and bring healing to their situation as well.

Finally, there is our good family friends, the Normans. Linda Norman has also been diagnosed with a cancer. She has already been treated surgically and is now going through chemo treatments. Pray that she will be declared completely cancer-free soon.

Strangely, focusing on these precious saints, has served to remind me of the real perspective of life. We are here for so short a time, and we are incredibly fragile. In the meantime, trivial struggles rear their heads and we lose sight of how good we have it. When these things hit so close to home, it really makes you take some inventory while shedding a good light over our mission as well. We are incredibly fortunate, even in unfortunate circumstances.

Lord, please heal our friends Mike, Sylvia and Linda. Touch them, restore their bodies to health and give their hearts a peace in the middle of the process. Let their relationship with you shine through whatever they must endure. We ask that your will be done in the middle of this time and that you would bring glory to yourself in the process. In Jesus Name!

Blessings To The Friends Of Spain,
Frank Sanchez


Garrett Trask said...

Frank, it was great hearing from you and being able to chat for those brief few moments. I will pray for these individuals. I lost my grandmother last year. She was fighting cancer when the Lord took her home. I will pray for His strength to fill every cell in their bodies and that His spirit would bring comfort through this painful time. Blessings to you Frank and to you Lela! May God richly bless your ministry!

Frank & Lela Sanchez said...

Thanks so much Garrett! It was good to see you tonight as well! It has been such a long time and it was nice to see that your doing well.