Monday, October 23, 2006

"Sending Them Out..."

Hello All,

Today was the first of many busy days here in Jerez De La Frontera, mostly because of what we began. Renae started school today at a school called "El Altillo." Don't ask me what it means, as I have no clue and haven't had the gumption to ask! She has a different kind of schedule, mainly due to the Spanish Siesta. This will take some getting used to, but I must commend my daughter, as she walked into her new situation with an unfazed emotional palette. She is quite the trooper and I think that Lela and I were both much more nervous than she was or is! Perhaps this is always the case. I am learning that it's really difficult to let your child go, if even just for the day to Kindergarten!

At the same time, Pastor Carlos was getting ready for his current trip to Morocco.

This Morocco trip takes about 3 days to prepare for, as Carlos gets busy collecting things from various sources to take to the Moroccans. Everything from tools to clothes gets packed into his vehicle and it is an exhausting process, just to get on the road.

And on this particular trip, my good friend Johnny Love came to accompany him. It was good to see my friend and exciting to send him off into this exciting ministry. Almost all of the time that we have left the country, Johnny has been one of the drivers taking us to the airport, so it was nice to see him off this time. We ask that your prayers would be with them over these next several days as they minister among the Moroccan people.

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Clara said...

Hi Frank & Lela,

"El Altillo" was an interesting word to me, its actually quite cute for the name of a school, it can mean "attic", or a small hill, or elevated spot. Lela, I'll share that new word on your behalf at the spanish "chat hour". We miss you there.