Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Miscellany IV

Hello All,

There is a myriad of things to talk about, none of which are interrelated, except for the fact that I want to write about them. This makes this an excellent time for a miscellaneous post!

Our family went down to Sea World yesterday, so that we could get our very first "fun pass." At Sea World, you pay the admission once and then you get the rest of the year's entrances free. I have always loved Sea World and thought that this would be the best, hands-on environment for them. This seems to be the best choice for our family, seeing that I am not a big fan of Disneyland, and the kids aren't old enough to enjoy Magic Mountain.

So, we get there and the first thing we see the killer whale exhibit. By this time, I have purposed to make this trip my personal marine-life education. I came down the ramp and asked the trainer a few whale questions. After he answered the typical "life expectancy" questions, I felt that I wanted to know about what to expect when one of these whales died. Now before I tell you what happened, I should probably note that when I first came upon this particular Sea World employee, he was having a very private moment with one of the three whales in the tank. The whale had stopped to face the man and he stood there, smile on his face and his hand on the glass. That should have tipped me off to the emotions that might be tied to any answer that he would give!

And sure enough, when he told us the answer, he got a little teary-eyed and choked up. I put an arm around him and said, "It's gonna be okay...now, what does it taste like!" HA! Only kidding! It was a moment that I could have capitalized on, but didn't. Needless to say, it was a great day. I will continue this post, and while the subject matter will change, you will see some gratuitous pictures of our kids at Sea World.

I mentioned not too long ago that Kingsfield Church has entered the digital age! Our church "Vodcast," (video podcast) feed is up and running. Because I spoke not too long ago on Sunday morning, my sermons are on that feed. If you subscribe to the Kingsfield Church vodcast, look for "Breakthrough," which will be my two studies in Joshua. I am currently downloading them and will watch them on my iPod tomorrow. It will be fascinating and perhaps very illuminating to watch. I just hope that if you watch them, that you might be encouraged and strengthened in your walk with the Lord.THE FOUR SEASONS, THE FOUR HOMES
Many of you know that I am a big fan of ABC's hit show "LOST." This is the only television show that I have watched in 4 different homes. Season 1, I watched as I was moving out of our Highland home, on our way to Spain. Season 2 was watched in Spain on our laptop. Season 3 I watched in the Lowry's home in Highland. Now, tomorrow, when Lost returns, I will be viewing season 4 from Ladera Ranch.

Now, on the surface, this is just a "shout out" for my favorite show. It sort of is...I admit it! It might just be some useless trivia, but to me, I also see a tremendous reminder of just how much our family has been through over these last 3 years. I am thankful that as I begin season 4, there seems to be no change in sight.


Last week, I was home from lunch when we got a phone call from none other than Pastor Carlos Casco. It was so good to hear my friend's voice and the report of his recent good trip into Morocco. The Lord has given him such favor and is doing such great things through Pastor Carlos. Soon, he and my Father-In-Law will be traveling back into Latin America to do another Inductive Bible Study seminar with Latin American Pastors, who otherwise have no access to Pastoral training. For more information about Pastor Carlos and for a great slide show, please visit his site here.

And in more news about Spain, we are glad to hear that Ivan and Eunice have made it back to Spain to begin their ministry. If you need a refresher on who Ivan and Eunice are, check out this post from "back in the day" here. Their website is here. Our connection to them came when we met with Paul and Cori Roybal from Calvary Chapel of Upland. Ivan and Eunice are their cousins, who came from Spain to receive training at the Bible College. Truthfully, these two, and Paul and Cori for that matter, are some of the sweetest people that we know. I hope that for those who continue to pray for Spain and the works that would go there, that you will add Ivan and Eunice to your prayer list.


The good news is that it's midnight in California, and the previously announced asteroid of mass destruction has not hit us. Surprised? Probably not, especially since those scientists calmed our fragile nerves with their authoritative note of confidence that this asteroid would not hit us. Well, no sooner had they collected their breath, when new word came that a spy satellite would now be our latest threat. Good luck everyone!Well, that's it for now. We love you all very much. For those in or from Redlands or Spain, we miss you all incredibly and wish you, indeed pray, that you are blessed and enjoying your walk with the Lord and are being fruitful in your service to Him. Thanks for checking in on us and being part of our life.

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez


blythe said...

i have a seaworld fun pass too!

Frank & Lela said...

Then you know of what I speak! Have you ever wanted to ask about the culinary value of large aquatic mammals? Perhaps it's just me!

We are hoping to make it down there a few dozen times, especially after they finish the Sesame Street playground area...I sound absolutely ridiculous...it's not for me, but the kids...the Sesame Street part...oh nevermind!