Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Spain Chain Meeting This Friday

Pictured above: 1st Picture from left to right. C.C. Upland High School Pastor, Eric Flores and Paul & Cori Roybal. 2nd picture is Lela and I with Eunice and Ivan from Espana!

Hello All,

As I said in an earlier post, this Friday is our Spain Chain meeting. If you are on the Spain Chain, you should be receiving an email real soon with directions. If you are interested in attending and are not on the Spain Chain, email us at or call us at 909-904-5891 and we will "hook you up" with the information you need.

I am particularly excited about this Spain Chain Meeting. We will meet at 7PM and have worship. Then we will give our report and field questions regarding our ministry and what is happening here and in our church in Jerez. Then, and this is where I am really pleased and excited, we will introduce you to some wonderful friends from Calvary Chapel of Upland, who are preparing to go to Spain themselves to begin a work a few hours from Jerez. The Roybal Family, and "The Primos," Ivan and Eunice (pronounced "Ee-vahn and Ay oo knee say") will be joining us to share what is happening in their lives, and share a little about their vision for Spain.

It excites me on another level as well. We have been talking on a local level, namely Jerez De La Frontera. But all along, we have been meeting other people who are just as passionate about the work to be done in Spain. We of course, first came into contact with Carlos Casco, then Steve and Aryn Caliguiri in Alicante, then Robert Shammell in Barbate. We have not personally met Raphael and Loretta Manzanares in Palma De Mallorca, but they have a ministry there as well. There are a few other people who are waiting on the Lord to get to Spain. Ej and Manie Lease, Ken and Rosalyn Steinmueller and Chico and Cynthia Pichardo, to name a few. Add to this list Brian and Andrea Jackson, who just arrived in Spain yesterday, and our friend J.D. Bennett, who is also up in the north.

Then there is the Roybal/Primos connection. Ivan and Eunice are natives of Spain and are being trained here at the Calvary Chapel Bible College for a return to Spain. We had met them the last time we were home, and they are really sweet people with a wonderful heart for the Lord. I look forward to hearing their perspectives on what the Lord is doing in their homeland.

What I am intoning is this: I want our Spain Chain to think nationally, toward a movement of God's Spirit to come over the entire nation of Spain. To this time, we have been keeping you posted on what we are doing, and we will not discontinue that. However, we also want to make you aware of all that the Lord is doing in Spain through these other missionaries as well. It's exciting to think, that in meeting our friends from C.C. Upland, and inviting them to come share, that somehow, we might be able to bless them and their ministry as well and in the process, join in to what the Spirit of God is wanting to do nationally over the nation of Spain.

WHOOO HOOO!! Sorry...just getting ready and excitedly anticipating Friday night.

We really hope you are able to attend if you are in the SoCal area. It should be a fun night.

Blessings to the friends of Spain,
Frank Sanchez

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