Sunday, August 13, 2006

Calvary Chapel Claremont

Hello All,

Calvary Chapel of Claremont has, through it's pastoral staff and prayer partners, been a tremendous support for our ministry from the very beginning. In fact, when I had barely begun to declare my intentions to consider relocation to Spain, Pastor Ed Rea made sure to encourage me to call Pastor Marco. At the time, Marco was the only person who had an active interest in Spain that he or I knew. So I proceded to call, virtually every Friday for several months. Pastor Marco did not know me from Adam when I first called, but always encouraged and built me up enough to continue to consider relocation to Spain as a possibility, even when there were discouraging factors involved. I credit Pastor Marco with pushing me along on the road toward Spain. He himself has had it in his heart to go to Spain in the past but was unable to because of visa complications. That however, has not stopped him from supporting other who have a heart to go to Spain. In fact, we are just one of 3 Spanish missionaries on Claremont's missions prayer list. Pastor Marco has a definite heart for Spain.

So it was truly our honor to participate in the morning services this morning. We got a chance to sing in Spanish the first service and that reminded us of home and our church group back in Jerez. During the second service, the Lord really touched and stirred hearts to be more active in the global outreach of God to the nations. All in all, it was special to be at Calvary Chapel of Claremont and to minister alongside Pastor Marco again.

Now, we look forward to next week with Calvary Chapel of Guadalupe. Pastor Ruben has invited us to partake of their church's anniversary celebration next Saturday, so we know that that can only mean one thing: SANTA MARIA TRI-TIP!! WHOO HOO!!! Sorry, got a little too excited there... moving on.

Finally, in this post, I wanted to ask for special prayer to made for my son Caleb. He has been diagnosed with a heart murmur and this Friday, we are going to get an eco-cardiogram from Loma Linda University Medical Center. It may be anything from nothing to minor surgery. Lord willing, the tests will not reveal anything major, but we do ask for your prayers with regard to that situation. Caleb is one really special boy, and a Spaniard at heart, so please pray that God would touch him.

Blessings To The Friends Of Spain,
Frank Sanchez

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