Monday, August 28, 2006

A Great Weekend

Hello All,

No, the Spanish Consulate did not call and tell us that there had been a huge mistake and that they would now be flying us back to Spain AND buying us our first Cafe Con Leche! Rather, we got no phone call, but had a fantastic weekend with some Spanish flair. We could not go to Spain, so the Lord brought a little Spain to us!

It began Friday night at our Spain Chain gathering. (Big thanks are in order to Matt and Krista Sauls who graciously opened their home to us and then stayed up and talked with us until about 11:30! You guys are really cool!!) The normal activities ensued, but the special part of the night was the inclusion of Cori Roybal and "the primos" Ivan and Eunice. They are planning to go to Spain in 2008 to begin a work in Malaga Spain. Presently, Ivan and Eunice are being trained at the Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murrieta and then they will go back to their homeland, accompanied by Paul, Cori and Roybal children. We are so pleased to be in fellowship with such sweet people and it was really a priviledge for our Spain Chain participants to meet and then subsequently lay hands on the Roybal/Primos connection. (By the way, "Primos" means "cousins") I will have further information available when it comes to me. Ivan and Eunice have a website that is being constructed, and when it is finished I will include it in the links.

Then Sunday night came and it was time to meet Chico and Cynthia Pichardo. I had talked with Chico several years ago, when he was in Spain, before we had gone the first time. They have been back for about a year now, but had served there in Tarifa Spain for 4 years. We met them at Victoria Gardens for dinner and put the faces with the names! In an eerie turn of events, they have a son who looks very similar to Caleb, and Benji and Caleb are only 2 days apart! Wild! But beside that, we had a great time sharing and receiving. I was so thankful to be there with them, for in my eyes, they are our predecessors, who have allowed the Lord to begin to open doors of possibility. Who knows what will become of the seeds that they were able to plant. At present, they are home pursuing degrees with an end to returning to Spain and being better able to serve His purposes.

This weekend was a real boost to us. Not that we were lacking in the fire area, but it never hurts to toss a few logs into the fireplace! It was a blessing to join ourselves to these wonderful believers who have the same heart as ourselves. We will be praying for them.

In that same vein, while we are home, I am in the middle of attempting to contact each of the missionaries in Spain. Soon, even perhaps by the end of the week, I will be able to post an all Spain prayer list. We'll see. International communication is still sometimes difficult. But that is where we are heading. For now though, I bless the Lord for providing such a rich weekend of fellowship.

Blessings To The Friends Of Spain,
Frank Sanchez

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