Monday, August 21, 2006

C.C. Guadalupe

Hello All,

We had a tremendous weekend with Calvary Chapel of Guadalupe this past weekend. I think it always helps when you have 75 degree weather and Tri-tip! In fact, after we have finished whatever work God intends us to do in Spain, we have decided, based on the weather and tri-tip ALONE, that we are called up to this area!! Ok, we'll let the Lord guide us...but we are putting in a good word for this area!!

The fun began on Saturday. We got a chance to participate in the church's anniversary festivities, which included the world famous Santa Maria Barbecue and some great church wide games. It was a blast! My Dad and I and the men of C.C. Guadalupe got the chance to participate in a watermelon eating contest, which I lost (the question remains whether my melon slice was actually regulation size...). Not wanting to leave the park a loser, I also got the chance to participate in the annual church tug-o-war, men versus women. The men had lost the previous year's match and it dawned upon me why Ruben invited me for this weekend: They needed the "tug-o-warmeister." They needed the extra "guns" so they invited me to bring "Smith and Wesson" also known as my right and left arms respectively!! Needless to say, we soundly defeated the ladies (...actually it was much closer than that, but it sounds better to say that we soundly defeated them!) thereby ending their win streak and previous dominance over the men. C.C. Guadalupe men: You're Welcome!!

Onto Sunday Morning. My Dad, Lela and myself had the chance to lead worship. Again, much like the C.C. Santa Maria congregation, there was real loving response to the presence of Jesus in the worship time. I love to look out at the faces that are so personally involved with the words of any given song and to see them worship in such a way as to physically attempt to touch the very presence of Christ, was very moving and a real blessing to us. At about the third song, my Dad got a chance to share some things that had been on his heart for the congregation there. His words were a real blessing to the group.

At the end of the worship, I got a chance to share about our most recent trip to Spain. This is actually how we begun to be associated with C.C. Guadalupe. They are a church, looking to get involved with missions where there Spanish speaking would be an asset. Having looked at the abundance of works in Mexico, their heart was to help where there was little going on. This is where we came in. After I shared about Spain and what the Lord is doing, I got up and shared the message that I had been praying would be for this particular congregation. It is called "Dangers Of A Growing Church" and it was based out of Acts, the first 9 chapters. I exhorted the group to be aware of the pitfalls that are so prevalent in every church, even from the beginning of the church. The message was received and I was blessed to have given it.

Thank you for praying for us. Our car made it there and back (thanks in part to the men and women of Plus One Auto Performance in Highland) without incident. And most of all, thanks for praying that the message would be appropriate for this congregation. By all accounts, it was well received.

This next week, two things are coming up that I am excited about. First, on Friday, we are having our Spain Chain informational meeting. I will blog about this on Wednesday, once all the pertinent questions are answered. I am excited about this and hope you will join us if you have the ability. Then on Saturday and Sunday, it is back home at the Packinghouse, where I will be drumming for Pastor Ed's worship team. It will be great to be back with my Church family this next weekend, especially since we have been gone this entire month! It will be a great time in the Lord, I am sure.

Lord willing, we will get a chance to see many of you this week. Until then...

Blessings To The Friends Of Spain,
Frank Sanchez

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