Saturday, January 12, 2008

Pictures Of A Perfect Day

Hello All,

As I have been saying, we have a new digital camera. Today was another perfect day in the O.C., 75˚, without a cloud in the sky. Well, there may have been clouds...I'm not sure! When I looked, the sky was cloudless. Anyway, I figured, "Good day for some pictures and a good day to give some visuals to our friends from Redlands and Spain. This is our little neck of the woods.

It says "Ladera Ranch." When I first saw this sign, it meant nothing to me. I wasn't impressed, nor was I longing to live here per se. But then, a place opened up and the price was right for us. Now, seeing it means that my fight against traffic is over and I'll be eating dinner soon!

This is our town house, from the front. The back is just a garage facing other garages, but that is usually where the kids ride their bikes and skateboards. It's a super quiet place to live, and except for the color, the place very much reminds me of where we lived in Spain. Funny, perhaps God was preparing us for Ladera!

On my first trip inside, there was a giant TV on top of the shelf where that fake plant is on. There was a giant couch and three guys watching some war flick! Today, there is a hamster there!

My gorgeous daughter Renae, posing against the backdrop of the wash and one of the many trails that we love to walk on, especially in the summer. Right down on the path, to the bottom right of the picture, was about where I encountered a dead rattle snake. I look forward to seeing more of those next summer!

So, we live within walking distance of Starbucks, Albertsons, Blockbuster and Taco Mesa, a great Southwestern Mexican food place. We live within driving distance, and that being only about 5 minutes, from an Apple Store! We are pretty well as happy is Renae is here! She's got a great smile huh!

Well, that's all for now. Unfortunately, the camera came with a small 32 mb storage capacity. Hopefully, we'll fix that next week and get some more pictures up.

Blessings...To Our Friends,

Frank Sanchez



Hi, I'm Angel, from Spain. The kids are so big!! we strange you a lot, well, say hi to anybodo, ok?? god bless your lives. BYE.

Frank & Lela said...


Hola Angel!!!

Saludos a tu familia y bendiciones tambien! Dios te bendiga!