Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday In The Park


Anonymous said...

I love your camera! Now we can see you guys! The family is looking great! I like the slide show!
God bless you guys!
In His time,

Frank & Lela said...


I must say that I almost wanted to dedicate this slideshow to you, simply because you knew how to do it before I did! I now have to figure out the other things you have preceeded me in! :)

Lela and I were talking yesterday, just acknowledging how much we miss you and Miqueas and your Dad and Mom. We were petitioning God asking Him to bless our plans for you guys! Then we thought, "You know, He probably has a better plan!"

Have a great rest of the day there in Jerez!


Bayani said...

jan.22, 2008
7pm, US Eastern Time

hi Lela,

Surprise!!! its me YANI, your brother-in-Christ from Philippines. Let me add by saying I am just so happy & blessed to be able to see all your pictures here especially with your lovely kids-wow, it's just so wonderful Sis! i hope to talk to you again soon. you can write me at or you can contact me at Tel. #:(956) 624-8631.
thanks and best regards...

" ..and friends are friends forever, if the Lord the Lord's of them!"

forever,your brother-in-christ: