Friday, January 04, 2008

Roby Duke

Hello All,

It had been my intention, a few weeks ago to recommend some music to you that I had purchased way back in 2007. One of those recommendations centered around Roby Duke, whose albums I bought through iTunes. His album, "Ghost" was a major pleasant surprise, keeping me up one night pondering the sounds and arrangements, that to me, were off the charts.

Sadly, Roby passed away the day after Christmas from a heart attack. I feel that I can call him by his first name because the man was so approachable and always ready with a kind smile. I used to love watching him play and muse, sometimes more muse than play, but always left the Sunday night crowd at the Packinghouse in holy moments of praise. Roby was one of the few that I truly looked forward to seeing on Sunday nights. His blend of virtuosic quitar playing and thoughtful lyrics truly inspired and blessed me. Often, it seemed that so much of his music had to do with what he would do when he got to heaven. A great example is this beautiful song called "I Shall See God." This song is available through iTunes on Roby's album "Relaxed Fits," which I also HIGHLY RECOMMEND! I for one will miss this wonderful artist, but I am thankful to have his excellent music and thankful to the Lord for getting to experience it. I hope that you might have the same opportunity.

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez


CarrieMarie said...

wow, that's a beautiful song.

Frank & Lela said...


You gotta hear this from his CD, as well as the tune "Bridge Divine." The video is a good representation of what Roby did over the last few years live. I'm glad you liked it!


blythe said...

i listened to your message via cd last night, and am shocked and bewildered that i will forever be compared to a "one road town to nowhere" by the members of our congregation.
thanks a lot. you have forever marred my reputation.

Frank & Lela said...


It is unfortunate that you share a name with a one road town to nowhere, however, that is where the similarities end, for you are a ...highway... to... everywhere? I don't know how to right that wrong sister!

Let me also retort that I doubt anyone listened to that message...being that it was phenomenally boring and stodgy. It's quite forgettable, so I imagine that your reputation will not be forever marred, only slightly scratched and even then!