Thursday, January 24, 2008

It's Gonna Be Close!

Hello All,

Just wanted you to be aware that there is a chance that the earth will be utterly obliterated sometime next week, around Wednesday to be exact. Yes, it's a large asteroid coming our way, but don't worry: The Guardians of all things secure, scientists, predict little chance of impact. You can see the article here. There is an actual official website here with a very informative YouTube video on the lower right side. I will let you know that if you watch the video, there will be a fairly bad version of Sting's song "Fragile," which of course, is very appropriate for the world ending event we are possibly about to experience.

Just wanted my friends to know.

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez


April said...

thanks for the warning. should i stop raising support then?

Frank & Lela said...


No, no, no! Far from it! In fact, I see a golden opportunity here. You might capitalize on the fact that the world might be obliterated, by telling prospective supporters that a "HUGE" donation won't effect their bank account, more than the sears tower sized asteroid! You can't lose on this one!


mhcowen said...

I could hear your voice, Frank, telling us this important announcement:) come it is not huge in the news? They don't want to scare many people...sounds like a movie we once saw!