Friday, February 01, 2008

My Favorite Things About The O.C.

Hello All,

Our family has now been in Orange County for 5 months. It has taken some getting used to, but I have found that I have some things that are worthy of the title "Favorite." By definition, one can only have 1 favorite thing, but I have noticed that you can have favorite things in different genres. This list encompasses those favorite things in our lives that we have discovered here in Orange County. These are in no particular order, again, seeing as they are all favorites!


#10 : Laguna Main Beach. I have never really liked the beach, being a non-swimmer. For me, all it means is dirty hands and feet! That being said, I have really gained an affinity for this beach, with it's charming light tower and beautiful art galleries, just on the other side of PCH. I plan to spend a lot more time here in the summer.

#9 : Ladera Ranch. Alright, sometimes it's a little too quiet at night and sometimes, it has a "Pleasantville" feel to it. In the end, the amenities are really amazing. The parks, the pools, the water park and the lovely scenery all make this a wonderful place to live.

#8 : Kingsfield Church. I'm sorry, but we have a wonderful church! I love the staff, the vision, the love that we feel as a body and the incredible times of worship that Chris Reinhardt leads us in. It's an honor to be part of what God is doing, and in a few years, when we are bursting at the seams, it will have been a great pleasure to look back at these "pioneering" years.

#7 : The Apple Store. As you may or may not know, I am an Apple FANATIC!! These fingers have been dedicated to typing on all Apple equipment for most of my computer life and I would not have it any other way. I live and work within 5 minutes of two Apple Stores, one at the Mission Viejo Shops and the Spectrum in Irvine.

#6 : NYC Cafe. I have had an epiphany and it's name is "Corned Beef!" The NYC Cafe is just a few minutes from our church and I discovered this sandwich around Christmas. It's the only "gift" that I received that keeps on giving!

#5 : Home Fellowships. I gave attended one for the first time in my Christian life and I must say that it seriously qualifies as a favorite thing. Our group meets and every time, it is an enriching and encouraging time in the Lord.

#4 : The Weather. What can I say, the weather down here is amazing! It does get pretty hot in the summer, but the night cools down tremendously, making it really pleasant. Back in the I.E. or back in Spain, when it got hot, it stayed hot. Not here! Woo-Hoo!!

#3 : Starbucks. I am convinced that there is a Starbucks every quarter mile in Orange County. I have played a little mental game as I have driven around the O.C. At random times, I have just said "Starbucks" and then looked around...sure enough, there's one on the corner, in the shopping center, etc. It would be annoying if it were anything else, but it's a true comfort for the truly addicted!

#2 : One Dollar Bookstore. I am not sure that this is the accurate name of this wonderful place, but that's what I call it. For a "bookphile" this is the place to go. Lela and I discovered it one night on a drive out to look for a zoo. (That's another story!) We went all the way up Jamboree off of the 5 Fwy, could not find the zoo, dropped into the Chevron for some gas, when we saw it. A ridiculous sign telling the tale of $1 books! This cannot be so, I mused, only to pleasantly discover that the truth was in the advertising. We got there after hours, but the owner was still there, doing some accounting. Think Santa Claus and you will have a good idea of what he looked like. In fact, he is a Santa on the side, as well as a yoga instructor. Yeah, I was sorry for the visual as well! But anyway, we persused through the giant grocery type store and picked through some titles. Later, I was able to return, during business hours, and I purchased 5 books. Guess how much it cost? That's right: $5!

#1 : Yogurtland. Now, remember, this is just another favorite thing, but this place is truly great. Imagine your choice of Yogurt, self-served from a wall of veritable sweetness. You fill up your cup with delicious yogurt and then you come to the toppings. Not just your ordinary toppings, but some really great stuff! At the end is the cash register, where you pay a small amount of change per ounce. Our family is able to normally get out of there having spent about $9, a wonderful price for a Pastor's family! Of course, if Daddy goes light on the Cocoa Puff topping, we could get out of there for $8, but I won't, so why mention it!?

Well, I hope that I have made you envious of my life, if you are outside of Orange County. If you are inside, at least you know where you might find me on my off hours! I'm beginning to really love it here.

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez


Anonymous said...

Great post! Then again you always have great posts! So what were the fams favorites in Spain? Now that you have made me want to go there, give me some reasons to still be here!
Just kidding, but I still want to know the Spain favorites some time!

My love to the family!
In His time,

CarrieMarie said...

where is that bookstore?! religious books at all??

Frank & Lela said...



#10 Cadiz

#9 The Zoo

#8 Costa Ballena

#7 The Walk Into Centro Ciudad


#5 The Church Building

#4 The Chinese Food Place

#3 That Beach We Found That Was On The Other Side Of Puerto.

#2 The Sanchez House

#1 The Casco House!!!

...And these ARE in order!

Honorable Mentions: The Bar Moy, The Bar Across From The Mercado And The Park, The Bar Next To Your Dad's Bank (The Bar With The Best Serranito By Far!), Cafe Con Leche, Jamon Serrano, and finally...EL COCHE DE TERROR!!!

Yolee, you have it good too sister!


Unfortunately, there are no substantial "religious" books. They have "Religion Lite" books, but none that would interest amateur theologians, like ourselves! :) Mostly, these are older books, hard back and soft cover, everything from children's books (any teachers in the house!?) to the latest Grisham novel. For people who are down for some casual reading, this is the place!

Thanks for checking in.


CarrieMarie said...

amazing. but where is it? i want to go there.

Frank & Lela said...


Take the 5 FWY North and exit off of Jamboree. Turn right, and just keep going until you almost get to the end. I would say that it's a good 7 - 10 minutes off of the freeway. It's on the left hand side, by an Exxon Gas station.

Hope you find it. Say hi to Yoga Instructor Santa for me!


blythe said...

yogurtland!!! my true love, after jesus.

Frank & Lela said...


I had no idea that you have a shared love of yogurtland! Who knew! Let's see, we love Kingsfield AND Yogurtland! Are you a MAC fan!?! If so, we might have to make you an honorary Sanchez!


Anonymous said...

Frank, have you taken Chipotle off of your list of how to become an honorary Sanchez?

CarrieMarie said...

if chipotle is on the list, then you can definitly call me Carrie Sanchez.

Frank & Lela said...

Jeff & Carrie,

Ironically, this is why Chipotle is NOT on the list. Carrie reported on her blog, Jeff, that Chipotle stopped offering free drinks to College Students. Carrie, is there any update on this nefarious decision? Being that I was at one time, the College Pastor at the Packinghouse, I was so infuriated that I stopped going to Chipotle, just on it's really out of my way, and corned beef is just such a revelation! :)

I wish I could say that Yogurtland reflects a more healthy O.C. mentality when it comes to food, but that would certainly not be the case!

So what can I say Jeff? Let me direct you to some great words from one of my favorite on screen idols, Rocky Balboa, circa "Rocky IV":

"I seen a lot of changing. The way yous (sic) felt about me, and the way I felt about you...If I can change and you can change...everybody can change!"

Thanks for representing the IE Jeff!


Anonymous said...

I see you point about Chipotle, but as one person commented on Carrie's blog is that it was kind of like a bonus. I can understand both sides as I have eaten at Chipotle being both a student and a working stiff. But if a dollar and change is gonna break my bank, I don't know about you but I'm going to Baker's for a budget meal.

Oh by the way, Diane and I have joined the blogging world, but we went the way of Wordpress. I hope we can still be friends! I started one for fun to document our trip across country and then Diane decided it would be a great way so that everyone can see what she is up to out in Florida.

I forget that you are not always up on the latest news. Diane is out in Florida for two months doing an internship with Relevant Magazine, she is in the design area, which is new to her but she is picking it up. And actually, they just found out that she is a photographer, with studio experience and are putting her to work on her day off, doing a product shoot for a new bible. I recently completed her website, you can check it out here! But please use Firefox or Safari, as IE kills my design, and I need to figure out how to resolve it.

Well I have to run, late for work now, haha. We need to do lunch soon, as I have an affinity for corned beef too. Let me know what your best days for lunch are so I can head down.

Frank & Lela said...


Chipotle...the jury is still out on you!

I loved your blog Jeff, as well as Diane's and I must say that I wish all of our friends would get one, so that I can keep current. Perhaps you can do a little persuading!

As far as lunch goes, you tell me and when we hook it up, the Corned Beef is on me!


P.S. ( No Relation!) This is now the highest number of comments in the history of our blog! The results are a little skewed, seeing that I am responsible for 5, but hey, I'll take it!