Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Morning Fill

Hello All,

One of my main responsibilities during the week is to teach the Men's group each Tuesday morning. The study is known as the Morning Fill. It's designed to be a compact service, where the Word comes hard and fast. Then, the men are challenged to share with one another during small group discussion. When I first came to Kingsfield Church, this was one of the first services that I got a chance to observe. Now, the catch is that the service begins at 6 AM!

It's not so early, but when I first began attending and then teaching, I was still commuting into Irvine from Highland, which meant a 4 AM drive. It was an immediate joy, sincerely because of the enthusiasm of the Kingsfield men and their love and appreciation of God's Word.

Now that I no longer commute, I am able to sleep a little bit longer, but I still get there around 5:30 AM, set up a few tables, start the coffee (Probably the most necessary I have ever found coffee to be!) and get ready to enjoy the fellowship. As you can see in this photo, the guys are just getting there. Most of them have helped bring the food upstairs. Each week the food is lovingly and expertly prepared by Maureen Dunn and delivered by her husband John.

Speaking of Maureen, I am also going to say that her food is most of the reason why guys keep coming back! I did a quick poll not too long ago, where I asked the men a simple question: If Maureen left, how many of you would leave. I want to say that 99 percent of the men raised their hands. The one guy who did not is actually armless, so... The great thing about Maureen is that her food is always creative and always satisfying. She even makes us incredibly delicious cinammon rolls, that give Cinnabon a serious run for their money!!

After we eat, it's time for some worship, which is led by the Laguna Famous "J Squared" worship team. Jim Kelly and Jon Nichols faithfully lead the men in worship every Tuesday. What I love about Jim's worship, aside from always working alongside the theme of the message, but he always is considerate of the rest of us worshippers by faithfully providing words for each of us. These guys do a great job every week.

After the message, given by me, the guys get my discussion questions. There are only three each week, but I have never been in a group that got through all of them! The guys are great about sharing experiences and Biblical wisdom with one another. I often do my best to let the guys do the talking at the table, and most of the time, I am blessed by what they have lived and shared.

I will say that every week is an amazing time for those of us who make it a priority. I cannot tell you how cool it is to have the privilege to teach this group, who are incredibly enthusiastic and encouraging. Most of the guys that you see are there every week, complete with appetites, Bibles and notebooks! That these 20 - 25 guys show up at 6AM for a Bible Study has always impressed me. But the fact that most of them take copious notes, just makes me want to be sure that I am not handing out heresy!

For those who might be reading this from Kingsfield and you are a man, I hope that this might tempt you to go to bed early Monday night and come join us this next Tuesday. For the rest of my friends, I wish that you could join us.

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez

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