Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Camera's 10 Second Delay!

Hello All,

I have to give credit where it's due. Chris Norman showed me this on our new camera, which shows you how many lame cameras we have had in the past and how inept I am technologically! Thanks Chris! And at the same time, for the rest of you who have to suffer looking at my face every now and then, you will now know who to blame!

Here's a current "us" picture.
Have I mentioned how much I love this new camera yet!?

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez


Anonymous said...

you guys are awesome...we love you and miss you guys...hopefully after diane gets back from florida, we can finally do the dinner thing.

Anonymous said...

Very nice! Greetings from Spain beautiful family! You are loved and missed over on this side of the world too!

Frank & Lela said...

Hey Guys,

Thanks for checking in! I was wondering if anyone was around!

Jeff, you guys are most welcome anytime for dinner. I am glad to see that you are feeling well enough to get back in the blogosphere.

Yolee, our newest plan is to kidnap the Casco Family, make a replica of Jerez De La Frontera and place you right here in Orange County. Then we would have the best of both worlds! Of course, after a while you might miss the heat!


blythe said...

ah yes, the 10 second pause to run over and look happy and composed. turned out nice!

Frank & Lela said...


Coming from you, this is a great compliment!


thesix said...


love you guys
the marlettes