Friday, February 22, 2008

Nobody Likes This!

Hello All,

What a bummer! I am going into this weekend with a wretched cold! Today at work, I felt it coming on in full strength and tonight, as I sit here, my head is stuffy, my nose is runny and my body is achy! It used to be that as a kid, you did all that you could to get sick during the week, so that you could miss some school. Now, it's pretty much the opposite, even though, even in ministry, "everybody's working for the weekend!"

I really don't have anything to complain about though. First, I have not been sick in a little while, which is somewhat unusual. I stay up late and get up early a lot. For that kind of lifestyle, getting sick is somewhat par for the course and I haven't been. Second, I have to admit that there is a good thing about getting sick, namely the word "Contact." Cold medication, especially that which includes a HEAVY dose of sleep aid, gives me a very satisfying sleep experience.

However, the main reason that I have nothing to complain about is because I have a few friends who have real health issues. Our Pastor's wife, Tatum, was in the hospital for the better part of the week with a stomach ailment. Both Chris and Tatum work exceptionally hard in the church, and their absence has been sorely felt by all. The good news is that Tatum was released today from the Hospital. I am not sure about the details, but I believe that this release is only temporary while the doctors analyze the test results. You can be praying for Chris and Tatum, especially over the course of the next few weeks.

Another friend who is currently in the hospital is our good friend Alan Brown, who is fighting a very aggressive form of cancer. The cancer that he has was only experienced by 300 people in the US last year! The chemotherapy has been rough and he has been under tremendous strain, as well as his wife Annette and their daughters, Sarah and Katie. I hope that you will pray for them as well. Alan and Annette, aside from being good friends, were also tremendous supporters throughout our ministry at the Packinghouse. I was Sarah and Katie's Jr. High Pastor, as well as their College Pastor! During the Junior High years, affectionately known to Lela and I as "The Dark Years," Annette made herself available for camps, where she volunteered to be the adult supervisor for over 35 pre-teen or teen girls! She was one of the most amazing volunteers I ever had! After we left for Spain, the Brown's supported us, and often had us over for some brilliant BBQ when we were home awaiting visas that never came. The Browns believed with us and encouraged us, mostly with incredible food and a boat load of laughs! Did I mention the BBQ!? Alan is in a virtuosic class when it comes to preparing meat. Please pray for them.

These people remind me that a cold is nothing to complain about!

Speaking of prayer, I just thought I would ask for some for my time tomorrow at the High School camp. I am speaking tomorrow night for our High School group, as well as Pastor Chris Fik's group from C.C. Carlsbad. I'll be driving in inclement weather toward Wrightwood, likely on a heavy dose of Contact, with my brother Mike. Pray that we would get there safely and that the Lord would use me to minister to this group of students. I hope to have some pictures from the camp posted here by Sunday.

I hope that your weekend will be better, even though I am pretty sure that I won't be envious of your "sleep-aidless" sleep!

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez


Maritza said...

hey P.F. (pastor frizzank)
its tita.. just wanted to say you were an extreme blessing to our camp experience and im praying for you to feel better!


Frank & Lela said...

Thank you Tita! I wish that I wasn't sick during that time, as I definitely wanted to dig in on more of those ribs!

Thanks for checking in!


blythe said...

Tita beat me to it!

I spoke with so many kids who were moved powerfully by the Lord through your message on Saturday night.
You spoke on such a central issue, and it was a blessing to us all- kids and leaders alike.

so thanks again!

Frank & Lela said...


Thanks for your kind words. As I pondered the message, it was really something that I could say does not ever go away, as we are constantly trusting the Lord again and again in this life. It never ends!

Thanks for the encouragement.