Friday, June 15, 2007

"You Guys Are A Church!?"

Hello All,

It has been a busy week! This week, we hosted a business luncheon for our Tesla neighbors. It was hot, even by Irvine standards, and we were out in the parking lot. I got fried by the sun and wished that I was dead, but it was a great time to meet the faceless bunch that enter into the business buildings every day of the week.

It began with about 40 people in the first sitting and I was surprised by the response that the people on our street did not know that we were a church! I talked with that first table of 8 people and none of them had any clue what went on in our building! Now, granted, that group of people just moved in from Costa Mesa and another business park back in February, but I assumed everyone knew that we were a church! I was surprised!

From that first table, I met a couple that are looking to join us at this weekend's service. From that luncheon, I heard that 4 others planned to visit from the other guys who mingled themselves among the masses.

After the final feeding, we believe that we fed over 120 of our neighbors. During the food, they met our Pastoral team, laughed with Christians and enjoyed anecdotes on real life things that they enjoy, like sports and children in schools that required book reports for Kindergarten! All of us listened to jazz from my iPod over the sound system and everyone went away filled. I am almost more proud of the jazz thing than anything else!

I ask that you pray that this would be the beginning of an open door to minister to our Jerusalem. Eventually, we want to offer a Business Bible Study for those who might want to attend. Please pray that we will be able to see this come to pass.

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez

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