Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

Hello All,

This is what makes THIS Father happy!

Large amounts of beef, Lela's Imitation Outback Chopped Salad (Don't know the name, but it KILLS! ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!) and a glass of Martinellis! Ah, heaven on Earth!

I heard an interesting quote this morning while getting ready to go to Church. It was attributed to Rudy Guilliani's son, who has a tenuous relationship with his Father. As you may or may not know, Rudy Guilliani is the former Mayor of New York and current Republican Presidential Candidate.

Guilliani's son said, as quoted by ABC, "I have problems with my father, but it doesn't mean he won't make a great president," he said. "He was a great mayor. He did great things for New York and would be very effective as a president. He is a great leader. He has vision, and he is willing to stand up for what he believes in." You can find the whole story here.

I do not wish to make a case against Rudy or his son, for this statement. I just thought that it was a poignant quote for a day like today and I believe it illustrates the paradigm that exists today where a man can be considered a success for his public life, while his private life matters very little.

You can insert any career: Politician, Fireman, Police Officer, Engineer or Pastor. In the economy of God, if any man fails his family and succeeds elsewhere, that man is a failure! The men in my life, are men of valor and successes in private first, then in public!

I am thankful for my Dad, who received Christ over 25 years ago whilst watching "PTL," Jim and Tammy Baker's show. (See, God CAN use anything!) From that point on, we were going to Church, he was quitting his band and life radically changed. Every year, I thank my Dad for taking the bold step to live for Jesus, when he was the only one in our family to do so. In typical, humble fashion, he will always say that it was the Lord. It was! But my Dad was the first obedient catalyst that set our family on a different course of life, ministry and ultimately, eternity.

I am thankful for Lela's Dad as well. Dan Finfrock has been a wonderful support for me personally and Lela and I missionally. Dan is always open, honest and willing to talk about any ministry question I might have. He has always been a loving and tender guy, even when I was dating his daughter! When we declared our desire to go to Spain, he and Debbie were first in line to lend their support and advice. They were very active in helping us go and come back, even allowing our loud family to live at their home for our exceptionally LONG furloughs!

As far as a Spiritual Father, Ed Rea will always hold that position. I grew up under his tutelage and was given the opportunity to watch and learn a very reliable and faithful approach to ministry. He also was, and is, a tremendous support to myself and our family. In fact, if it were not for his phone conversation with Chris Norman, I may not have ever ended up at Calvary Laguna! To this day, unconsciously and consciously, I find myself repeating "Ed-isms" to the staff and to myself! Most of the time, I realize just how right that he was and I am thankful to know the difference.

There are so many others who I might mention, who have contributed to what my life is about, brothers and friends. However, if it were not for these men, I would not be the man that God is shaping now. can blame them!!

Happy Father's Day!

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez

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Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhh........that salad! Please send the recipe! I feel a craving coming on.

Great Father's Day tribute! Although my father and father-in-law was/is (respectively) not Believers that I know of, I love them very much. They are loving, devoted family men that would die for their families. Having a Believer for a father must be the fluffiest whipped cream on top of the most incredibly delectable chocolate mousse pie ever (with Oreo cookie crust, of course)! I'm just relating to you in guys terms (food). I find it interestingly cute that Caleb has already developed this guy trait by describing his love for you in his connection of you with great BBQ.

Happy Belated Father's Day to you and your dads.

hasta la pasta with lots of sauce,