Friday, June 22, 2007

Miscellany III

Hello All,

Time for a quick wrap up on all things Sanchez...time for Miscellany III, the blog that allows me to touch on subjects affecting this last week all in one entry!

We Are In The Market!
We started searching for an Orange County domicile this week. We looked at two properties, the second of which being located in Rancho Santa Margarita, known to the locals as "RSM." We viewed a 3 bedroom condo on Wednesday afternoon with our realtor. We liked the area, and even the size of the condo, but did not like the shared entry or the immediate introduction to the eating area. We will continue to look next weekend, after we have met with a lender friend of ours who believes that we will be pre-approved for MILLIONS OF DOLLARS!!! Well, probably not that much, but enough to be comfortable.

As the search continues, please pray for us to have wisdom and insight into this very pivotal decision in our lives.

Anyone For Barbecue!?
One thing that can be said for Calvary Laguna: There is never a shortage of barbecue opportunities! Our body came together for it's inaugural Wednesday night study this last week. Lela and I made it back shortly after looking for some place to live and immediately got the BBQs up and running. Our congregation sat out in the hot sun (it got to about 87!) and enjoyed some burgers and dogs.

Then, just when you thought that we would be Barbecued out, the Men had their monthly Steak & Study on Thursday night! It was phenomenal! The men of Calvary Laguna are such warriors and so on top of the event, that it sets up and tears down with ease, due to the hard work and dedication that is exhibited. Speaking of dedication, they are also dedicated to putting out some serious quality beef. My cut was...well, let's just say GYNORMOUS! I am actually ashamed to say that the steak made me tap out! I could not finish it! Oh, but I wanted to!

The steaks were awesome and so was the study. This month's speaker, last night, was radio personality, Jim Burns. He is the founder and host of Homeword, a program devoted to the family. His message was great and 6 men came to know Jesus Christ at the altar call. You can check out his website over to the right. I frequent that site often as it has many helpful family resources.

Next month, Pastor Don McClure will give the message, and if you are reading this and you are a man, then you are invited!

How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways!
As anyone who reads this blog knows, I am an Apple Man! I am the happy owner of an iPod, an iHome, would LOVE an iPhone (Christmas will come sooner than you think!) and I have even understood that for all these years, I have been wearing iGlasses!

And just as much as i Love Apple, i also love Apple programs. The most beloved to me is iTunes. I have been touting iTunes for a while as a great resource for FREE material from great bible teachers like Bob Coy, Jack Hayford, James MacDonald and Jack Abeeleen.

Now, as if that were not enough, there is iTunes U, where you can download classes, lectures and news from great universities. If you go there, you can look up Concordia Seminary and literally download Greek and Hebrew classes, as I did this week! Great, FREE RESOURCE for those that love to learn for FREE! The best things in life are, you guessed it....on iTUNES!

Pray For The Boys
I'll leave this a little cryptic, but I met with some boys, brothers, today, 11 and 13 respectively, who came to see me because their parents are divorcing. I asked them how they felt about everything and they said that they felt frustrated and confused. My heart went out to these boys, nameless here, but known by the Lord. These boys both seemed comforted by what I had relayed to them, but I know that they were both going back out into a world that they neither understand, nor desire. Pray that the Lord would meet them in a special way and that they would draw closer to the one who will never fail them.

That's all for now. There is quite a bit coming up, including a speaking stop in Yucaipa at Wildwood Calvary, the first weekend in July! I am looking forward to being there with our friends and ministry "cousins." Just thought I would put the bug in your ear about that especially.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez

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