Sunday, June 10, 2007

"So, Now We Have A Hamster Named Sammy"

Hello All,

Our anniversary celebration was great. We spent the weekend in lovely La Jolla California in San Diego. It was great to do what we wanted, when we wanted, without thinking about naps or potty breaks! We took in a movie, ate out, slept in, etc. We also talked and shared our memories of the last 10 years and talked about goals for the next 10 years, if the Lord would will us to have that long together. It's wonderful to be married to your best friend and to still enjoy one another.

So, before we caught the movie, Lela and I hit Target to purchase some stickers for the kids. I thought that maybe that just wasn't going to do it. The kids are getting older and well, let's just admit that they are going to get expensive to impress! The kids have been talking about getting a pet for some time now. Caleb has been fantasizing about getting a Turtle and a puppy. Renae has talked about a bird and a kitty, apparently unaware of the "species" tension that would create. Elizabeth just parrots anything anyone else says! I felt that maybe we could bring home a pet for the kids, and then we would be total heroes to our kids!

We looked at some turtles at various places and were somewhat shocked to learn that turtles cost over $80! That pretty much ruled them out. I actually considered commendeering one of the seals that beached themselves at the La Jolla Cove, but noting the illegality and the smell in our car, I quickly decided against it! Plan C was the Hamster Option. We found out that hamsters only cost $10, so we decided to go that direction, as that is just a little more than stickers.

We brought Sammy home tonight and the kids have been talking about Sammy as if he has been part of our family forever. They already know when he is tired, scared, hungry, etc. We hope that this will placate them enough for the time being, until we move down to Orange County, where we might re-upgrade to a cat! Back to that species tension issue...

In the meantime, Church has been going really great. Calvary Laguna is a great place to be these days. Pastor Chris has been on a proverbial tear lately. Today, he finished Nehemiah, and it was a fantastic message. The worship team is gelling as well. I have to remind myself that 3 parts of our regular worship team are 18 or under in age! For such young people, they carry themselves with great maturity and musical wherewithal. I am happy to be working with them and drumming on a regular basis again. Most importantly, we have had a good three weeks with salvation commitments at the end of our services. Lela told me about that part, as I am behind the drum shield and am rarely able to hear or see anything.

In fact, today, I almost did not make it behind the shield at all. I actually pulled a muscle during rehearsal! It's a little embarrassing as to the location, but had it not been for a physical therapist in the house, it would have been hard to even walk!! We'll leave it at that! Thanks again Phil. You are my hero.

Hope you all had a great weekend as well.

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez


Anonymous said...

I like the picture of the kids! Mi casa es su casa or should I say Su casa es mi casa! Did you guys ever get the pics of how your old house in Pedigones land looks like now?! I still have more to take, but the cam is in the USA right now! Ugh! How did that happen?
Hello Sammy! I am sure you will have LOTS of fun with your new family!

Frank & Lela said...


I don't think we ever got the pics of our Spain place...I mean, the Casco house...U know what I mean! Please do send us some when you can.

Sammy sleeps all day long and runs on his treadmill like Lionel Ritchie: ALL NIGHT LONG! He's cute though...for a hamster!


Patty said...

Happy 10th Anniversary! That's great that you got to get away to romantic La Jolla. Steve and I celebrated 24 years this May and almost forgot to celebrate it at all because we did the family Spirit West camping thing. It was fun and so is being married 24 years! Wishing you another 14+.