Friday, June 01, 2007

Rays Of Hope!

Hello All,

As most of you might know, we have had our house on the market now for about a month. We anticipated it being slow, and in that we have not been disappointed. It has been deadly! But just in this last week, things have begun to move.

Over the weekend, Lela and I had a conversation about what we might do in the event of a stalemate situation. We began to talk and what was coming up was not what I really wanted to hear. We began to talk about renting out this house and going to Orange County to rent there. We figured that this would be best anyway, seeing that we are relatively ignorant about the area we are moving into. It will be better to rent in the short term while we investigate the various options.

Still, this did not sit well with me, but I finished my Souplantation Broccoli (YES, I SAID BROCCOLI!) salad anyway. I hated to think about it, but I felt that I at least had to consider it an option for the time being. After all, I do not want to be a party to Renae having to do the multiple school thing again next year. So I began to pray "lightly" about it.

Fast forward to Tuesday and brace yourself. I was in the garage doing a little mechanic work! That's right! I was under the hood! (Jesus must be coming real soon: Broccoli AND mechanic work!?) I will give the credit to Pastor Carlos Casco and the spirit with which he looks at problems! He and I did the exact same thing on the Silver Hornet back when we were in Spain! So, I am working on my battery, which has been giving us grief for a spell, when two people came to the garage door. I did not see or hear them, as I was listening to my iPod. They stood there, and at first, I thought they were Mormons or Jehovah's Witnesses. Thankfully they were not! They were there to see the house!

Whoa, movement!! I brought them into the house and showed them the living room and the backyard, as Lela scampered in the background making "last minute adjustments" to our bedroom and the kids room. The people were Philippinos and were very impressed that Lela had lived in their neck of the woods and could even speak the native Visayan dialect. I remember when we went to the Philippines and Lela spoke visayan for the first time in a petty cab! The guy almost fell out of his chair in shock! Anyway, we talked for a few minutes and the lady revealed that her husband had died suddenly just last year. It was cool that we were able to pray with her and her friend, before they left.

These people had come because of our other Philippino neighbors. There are two houses on the street that have Philippino inhabitants. This close knit community seems to be intent on being closely situated with one another, so there is hope that they will follow through and purchase the house.

And then, as if that were not enough, we got another show tonight from another realtor! Who knows: We might sell her by the summer after all!

We are asking that you would pray with us about this. Our hearts are truly at home in Irvine, among the church that we are called to. There is tremendous potential for what the Lord wants to do there, and we genuinely feel that it's the only place other than Spain, that we want to be! Our prayer team, the people who have read this blog since it's inception, has seen so many of it's prayers answered, so we call upon you again for that mighty task on our behalf.

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez


Anonymous said...

Have you had broccoli with cheddar cheese! It helps it go down!
I am excited for you guys! I'll pray you sale soon! I will be unselfish and not pray for you to come back, for about a week... or less!

God bless you guys!
In His time,

Frank & Lela said...


Yes, broccoli with cheese is just yellow broccoli! The Souplantation has the best tasting broccoli salad and that's about all that I can handle!

Thanks for your prayers! And I loved the latest blog addition! You are totally overtaking me in BLOGNOSIS!

Have a great weekend!