Monday, June 04, 2007

A Laguna Weekend!

Hello All,

This last weekend was my first all Laguna weekend. Friday evening and Saturday till 3, we ran the Inductive Bible Study seminar through my Father-in-Law Dan Finfrock's ministry, Intensive Care Ministries. We had just over 20 on the first night and the atmosphere was thick in anticipation. For the first time in a long time, Lela and I did some worship together. I was surprised how rusty I was on the guitar! There was a time when I knew certain songs in my sleep and my fingers could withstand hours of playing. After 3 songs and roughly 10 minutes, I was ready to put the guitar away again!

After that, Dan got up and got into the introductory session on narratives. All I kept hoping for was that the people there would like the seminar and get something, anything out of it! I suppose that I was under the assumption that people are so well taught and there are so many resources from which to discover deep biblical truth, that the simplistic nature of the seminar might not be as attractive as it is in foreign countries. BOY WAS I WRONG! From the first session on, our group was PUMPED on what they were learning to see for themselves, just applying the basic principles of this system of study. I believed from then on that this was going to be revolutionary for the men and women who attended.

After the first night, Jon Nichols, a chiropractor, friend and Lagunaite, invited me to the Men's prayer breakfast the next morning. I swallowed deep and asked what time the event would take place. He said the word that I dread every morning, much less SATURDAY morning: 6AM. It came out of his mouth in slow motion and the man in me said, "NO WAY!" But the Pastor in me said, "Yeah, that would be great!" It meant that Dan and I were going to have to go light on the ESPN in our hotel room, but the Dodgers lost and the Lakers are out of the playoffs...actually, as it turned out, ESPN only had GIRLS SOFTBALL on! Yeah, no thanks!

So, I get up at the crack of dawn and get out to get to this prayer meeting which will be on Laguna beach. I will admit that once you leave Irvine proper and head toward the beach, you are in for a beautiful drive. Left on Laguna Canyon and down to Pacific Coast Highway, is a lovely drive. I turned onto PCH and got to the meeting early. The surprise on the faces was classic and the jokes about "corporate sending out quality control" got pretty funny, even for that hour of the morning. It was really good to see how these faces, which all represented strangers just months ago, have become a welcome sight and even feel like family.

We got out to the beach and got in a big circle, then broke up into small groups from there. My group was filled with one other man my age, but 5 guys who were at least septegenarians. I listened to their wise prayers and thanked the Lord that I could be where I was. They sounded just like you'd expect, speaking of enduring faith and victory. I was the last to pray, and I asked that these men would have an eye to disciple and be significant in their last years of life, as there is no retirement in the Kingdom, just reassignment!

After the prayers, we stood and talked and it was a privilege to cohort with these men who love Jesus passionately!

The rest of the seminar was amazing! I highly, HIGHLY recommend, anyone who reads this to go through the seminar. I have been through it several times, including a full semester at the Bible College, and I still discovered new things when we went through Psalm 1! It was humbling, and at the same time, exhilarating, seeing the Bible continue, after many years, continue to provide new and fresh insights into the Word. I promise, you will not be disappointed one bit! ICM has DVD's and you can take the course that way as well.

Finally, Sunday was brilliant! I love our service, but even cooler was the Ministry Luncheon that we had afterward. It's wonderful to be part of a growing church that is seeking to live out it's commission. Moreso when I get to be part of the leadership of the church.

I hope you had as good a weekend with your church.

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez

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