Thursday, April 05, 2007

A Tribute To Mike Petty

Hello All,

Many months ago, I asked the community that reads here to be in prayer for Mike Petty. The doctors had discovered a tumor on his brain and were going to operate. We were in Spain when I found out that his cancer had come back aggresively. It is with great sadness, mingled with joy that I report that Mike passed into eternity with his loyal and loving wife Michelle right by his side early Thursday morning.

I had seen Mike just a few nights ago, Monday, and you could tell that his body was unable to sustain the fight. It's not exactly how I want to remember Mike, who was a gentle, wonderful soul with a great smile and a faithfulness to his family that I always admired.

I actually first met Mike while his daughter Marlene was a Junior Higher. Mike was picking up Marlene from the first of a million trips, and I simply remember that soft spoken demeanor and that gentle humor that easily erupted into big fits of laughter. After that, we had many times of laughter and joy together, as we both watched Marlene grow up before our eyes.

When I first heard about his tumor, I was upset at how unfair it was. Mike was a hard working man, who put his family first, and exemplified a faithfulness to Christ that was easy to see. I went to see Mike prior to leaving for Spain and his prayer was for Michelle and the kids. In Spain, I called and his prayers were the same, even though his condition had been deemed terminal. I am sad that I only got a chance to talk with him once more after that, but I will oft remember the earlier years and I will choose to thank Jesus for healing Mike in His glorious presence right this moment! I am sure that Mike has not stopped staring into the eyes of his Saviour.

I ask that you would pray for Michelle, Marlene, her husband James and Matthew, who will bear the brunt of the grief. All have been reasonably strong considering the circumstances, but these days will be so difficult. Lela and I have loved this family for many years and we hope that you might remember them in your prayers especially over the next week and a half, as services are being planned.

It reminds us all that this life is so temporary and Jesus Christ and His tangible presence in our lives is the only hope of Salvation. I am confident that I will see Mike again. He won't be cancer-ridden, as He will have a glorified body like that of the body of Christ. I know that Mike is pain free, and living the dream that we can only hope to see in this life.

We will miss you Mike.

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez

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