Friday, April 13, 2007

"I Say A Little Prayer For You..."

Hello All,

Like Hall & Oates, I have been "Out Of Touch" this week! Big weekend plans, as Lela and I get some great opportunities to serve, have kept us busy during this past week. That and the fact that Renae has been on her first Spring Break. After a Monday trip to the Long Beach Aquarium, we have been all business.

Tomorrow morning, I am speaking at the Packinghouse for Mike Petty's Memorial Service. I count it an incredible blessing to be able to address the family and friends that will be present Saturday morning. Please pray that I give the gospel in a succinct and clear fashion, as there will be many who have never trusted Jesus at this service. Then, I have the privilege to provide the teaching at Calvary Laguna on Sunday morning for our main service. It will be my first time in front of the congregation for this purpose. They have seemed to like me so far, but that may change after they hear my message! Again, I ask for prayer, that my mind might be clear and the message relevant to the Church. I am excited to give it and I will share it on my Bible Study page late Sunday afternoon.

While I am speaking, Lela will be singing at the Packinghouse with Brad Bischoff in place of Steve Nieves, who is out of town. It's always a blessing for her to sing with our old team mates, who have taken the worship group to entire new level of excellence over the last year and a half.

All this is so cool to be a part of. I say that like a kid, but it's really an honor to be doing what we get to do. We do not take it for granted and are so thankful to the Lord for putting us in these positions. I often wonder where I would be this Sunday without the Lord? What if I never gave my life to Jesus? What would I be doing? Thankfully, Lela and I get to participate in eternal, valuable activities that will bless the bodies of 2 great churches! What a blessing!

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez

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