Sunday, April 08, 2007

Resurrection Day

Hello All,

I hope that each of you had a great day at your respective churches. Of course, I can testify that our services were really a blessing to be a part of this weekend. But I was just thinking about how many are doing the same thing everywhere on this day, reading mostly the same scriptures and being taught and reminded of the same glorious truth of Christ's Resurrection. And just like in our church, there were visitors and family members who were exposed again to the truth of God's power. Some gave their life to Christ, but statistically speaking, most did not.

Is this cause for discouragement? Not when you keep your eyes on what is important on this day, namely that Jesus Christ physically walked out of a tomb and bodily appeared to over 500 eyewitnesses and then ascended into heaven to take His rightful place at the right hand of the Father. His power over the grave is not diminished by man's present rejection of Him. Those that came and rejected afresh the risen Savior, are again convicted of the truth that the life of Christ is being manifest to them daily in our walks with Him. They are convinced, likely more than before, that Christ could be real because we have been changed from darkness to light. Oh sure, we still carry around big flaws and imperfections, but we are still very different from when we first were saved, and for some, that is a dramatic presentation of God's power.

Jesus Christ is risen, and lives evermore to intercede on behalf of His people and everyday, His life is lived out through the faithful adherence of His people to the leading of His Spirit, by the power of His Holy Word.

Jesus Christ is risen indeed!

Blessings To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez


Lori said...

Pastor Frank,
I view this site often to see how you and your family are doing. I am so blessed by your words of encouragement and amazed to see what God is doing in your lives. God is leading me and Richie back to NC to begin our new lives there. We have a house waiting for us and God has blessed us more than we ever thought possible! I am so happy now that I can almost forget all the trauma that happened with David and all that nonsense! God has healed me and has blessed me beyond words! Just wanted to touch base with you! God bless and I'd love to keep in touch with you guys! Lori Fender

Frank & Lela said...


What a blessing to hear from you! Many happy blessings upon your marriage to Richie (not my brother btw!). Thanks for stopping by and do feel free to contact us at any time!