Sunday, April 15, 2007

My Message For Today...

Hello All,

If I told you to come here and get the notes from this morning,
this is where you will find them. Thank you for all the kind words and encouragement. It was a blessing to give this message.

I left the above note for many of the people from Calvary Laguna, who asked where I host my notes for various studies. I kept trying to spell out "" but it seemed easier at the time to say "Check out and click the link to the right!"

Before I write a bit more about this, I wanted to mention the memorial service for Mike Petty that I had the honor to officiate. What an incredible testimony and time of reflection. Mike was well spoken of and I am sure that he jumped up and down when he saw that a person had given their life to the Lord at the end of the service! It turns out that this person was a fellow worker with Mike. One person at the memorial said that Mike, "loved him into the kingdom."

Aside from the honor of officiating, it was a wonderful added blessing to see so many people that I have known for years there. It was unintended, but it was like a mini-reunion. The people and faces brought back many wonderful memories, from many years past. It was especially good to see "Crawdad" Aaron Hale and Jeff and Gail Rey, people with whom I have spent years of time serving the Junior High Ministry.

And then today, I had the privilege of sharing this message that developed while I was in traffic! I am not sure how it came out, but I was ecstatic to give it out, as I felt that the Lord tailored it for our congregation. The whole morning was just incredible, as Chris Reinhardt and the worship team just lifted us to an entire new level. It was awesome and inspiring.

All in all, a fantastic weekend, punctuated today by a wedding of one of our Jr. High kids. (I am getting so old!)

Hope you all had as good of a weekend.

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez

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The Shaw Family said...


Great story. Can you tell me about the Jr High and Gail Rey?

Thank You.