Thursday, March 29, 2007


Hello All,

I might have been inspired by my last post to be a bit more random. No, you won't hear my rendition of "Friends Are Friends Forever," so you can exhale! However, I digressed quite a bit and I realized that I liked that. In that spirit, I proceed:

- Check out updates on my Bible blog and my drum blog. The Bible blog now has all my sermons from Spain (In English!) and covers our new Men's Morning Fill Study, updated every Tuesday afternoon. The drum blog has a classic YouTube video up right now that just about anyone will enjoy.

- Speaking of the Men's Morning Fill, I had the chance to teach that for the first time this last Tuesday to the 25 men who assemble themselves here at 6 AM. I admit that the first couple of minutes were a bit nerve wracking, but after listening to the recording, I felt that most everything was clear. It's a real blessing to be able to teach at this ministry, and I look forward to how this particular study progresses. Thanks for praying!

- I highly recommend the teaching ministry of Pastor Jack Abeeleen from Morningstar Christian Fellowship in Whittier, California. His teaching style and depth of communication skill have been a real blessing to me as I commute. If you have an iPod and are looking for a good, solid set of teachings, then Pastor Jack is your guy! I have found his studies on Nehemiah to be exceptional.

- I had the opportunity to talk with a missionary from Hungary this morning from my office. I just wanted him to know that we were thinking about him and it blessed Him. See how easy that was! Of course, we are lookoing to be in contact with him on a more consistent basis, but this was my first chance to contact him. His name is Mark Beckwith, and I ask that you pray for him as he plans trips to the Sudan and the States in the summer.

- Speaking of trips, please lift up Pastor Carlos Casco as there are a few trips in his near future as well. I am sure that his website will have info on that soon.

- Check out Jason Dean's latest post with some pictures of the beautiful Australian coastline. There is a cool story of a miracle in that post as well. Being a former "gold guy," I check out his site frequently!

- Is "Miscellany" a word? If not, it should be!

Well, that is about it for my first random post. I might have gotten it out of me! We'll see.

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez

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