Saturday, March 24, 2007

The End Of An Era

Hello All,

Last night was our final Spain Chain meeting. Before I write any more, I wanted to extend my thanks to those that were able to come and especially Scott and Jessica Washburn for hosting this final event. It was a blessing to be in their house tonight, especially to bid farewell to the Spain Chain personnel.

I am surprised every time that I retell our own story, just how fresh the feelings remain. There have been days now when being away from Spain has not affected me emotionally. Then I start telling the story and there are those same feelings again. It's one part loss, another part longing, and still a third part rejoicing. Mix that all together and you get what I feel in those moments of recall. Do I regret anything? Not one thing! I would rather have this feeling now with the memories, than to have never lived the missionary life at all. It was a true joy.

Add to this the relationships that we have enjoyed because of this venture of faith and it is undeniably worth every second. We sat there in the Washburn's living room, governed by a cuckoo clock, and gave a full report and answered every question. Afterward, we ended with the sumptuous dessert faire and laughed with each other to well past 10PM. Scott brought out his guitar and had it not been for Elizabeth telling us to "Stop Talking" (whose kid is that!?), we might well have been there much longer covering alternate chord voicings! We had a wonderful time.

While we will not have any more official meetings, we are always open to talking with anyone about any aspect of the mission that we undertook. Please feel free to contact us if you have that inclination.

Now, I am asking for some prayer for this upcoming week. I am about to begin teaching the Men's "Morning Fill" Bible study on Tuesday mornings. I am looking forward to teaching what will be a fully new study for me. I am teaching through the life of Joseph and have titled the study: "Providence & The Practical Redemption Of Man." The study will be available on my Bible page, which can be accessed on the right hand side of our main page, every Tuesday night. I am hoping that it will be a very interactive study and a blessing to the men of Calvary Laguna. Please pray that that will be the case.

Also, Happy Birthday wishes are in order today, as Lela has turned the corner on another year. I won't be the one to tell you how old she is, but I will say that I am just a little bit older! Happy Birthday honey!

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez


Patty said...

Happy Birthday Lela! I'll wait for you to catch up with me. =)

Feliz Cumpleanos con salsa caliente!


Frank & Lela said...


Please remember: We are a MILD salsa family...ok, ketchup is more like it!