Friday, March 16, 2007

A Letter From Spain

Hello All,

Thought I would take this opportunity to share this email I received from my friend, J.D. Bennett who is serving in Northern Spain. For those who might be interested in more information, please let me know.

Hello Friends,

It´s been some time...

WE are told from Romans 10 "that in hardships we are More than Conquerors in him who loves us." I´m teaching from Romans these days, and the message has certainly spoken to me before I can communicate it to the others. This month has had some of the biggest peaks and valley´s of my time in Spain. We are seeing new believers coming to church and great fruit from the labor, while at the same time crises with other people. I´ve seen great things happening as I continue to witness to Chang & Jaider, and as I disciple, as well as I can, Abel & Elio- who are new Believers from peru. Also I have a good group of older youth/young adults coming on Fridays to Friday Night Live. This ministry has transformed from a "prayer & praise night." Two people in our Tafalla congregation suffer from severe depression and bring complicated situations from their past. We also have people visiting who used to go to different churches in other parts of Navarra, but are coming to our church because it is closer or more in line with their theology. Please pray that we can avoid any wrong feelings with other protestant churches in Navarra & demonstrate that we are never "sheepstealing." Also, our two church plants are open more than ever, with more activities than a few months ago, but the funding of the Artajona Project has been far less than the expenses of running the ministry. Please keep me & my family in your prayers as you know I am still trying to raise about $800 a month for the Artajona Project, which is this ministry I am describing. Feel free to call me friends! (editor's note: info available upon request.)

I miss you guys, later- JD

Speaking of friends in Spain, Pastor Carlos has updated his site here. And for those that came to our last Spain Chain meeting back in the Summer of 06', you will remember the wonderful couple that came to share with us, Ivan & Eunice. Their webpage is here. We are hoping to meet with them again soon. And finally, another set of friends of ours, the Jacksons are back in Spain as well, Madrid to be specific. Their webpage is here.

I was thinking that you probably believe I have given up on learning Spanish. Well, I have not! I really recommend the Rosetta Stone and a great free podcast called "Coffee Break Spanish." I am linking this on the right for those of you who want to learn at a really easy pace. I bring it up now because unit 3 begins on March 31st and someone who wanted to catch up with the other lessons might be able to do so in this intermediate time. I would especially recommend this for those traveling to Mexico or hoping to do so in the near future on a short term mission trip. There is some great conversational information available and it's completely free. Check it out here.

Hasta La Semana Que Viene! (I learned that on Coffee Break Spanish!)

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez


Patty said...

Ok, if you're going to speak in tongues you must be Biblical and translate. I got the hasta part but not the rest. It was fun to hasta you guys last night although Frankie was a cruel cookie/brownie pusher. We look forward to getting the fams together at the Sanchez casa for healthy food (gag) and fellowship (yeh).

Well, as I always say....
hasta la pasta with lots of sauce,

Frank & Lela said...

Hey Patty!

Two things: There is nothing wrong with getting people to join in on the joy of cookies and brownies and two, if we get together for food, the only requirement is that it must be tasty, ie. unhealthy!

Thanks for checking in on us. It was great to be at the meeting last night and a total blessing to see how our group is evolving to such a strong prayer group. It's a privilege to be part of.

Talk to you soon...hopefully over chocolate!


*jenn* said...

I put coffee break Spanish on my iPod. So far I've learned to say "Hello, how are you?" "I'm well, thank you, how are you?"

But, of course, I already knew that! :-)

Hope you're doing well. I was excited to find out you are ministering with Chris and Tatum! They are lucky to have you guys.


Frank & Lela said...


You are too kind! We are grateful to be ministering alongside Chris and Tatum, as they are truly gifted people.

As for CBS, you'll see as you go along a ton of phrases that you already know. And for those of us that that applies to, I begin to look at how to approximate the Scottish accent! It's a win-win situation!


*jenn* said...

I am loving the scottish accent!

Frank & Lela said...


My favorite CBS tag line: "Get a promotion or travel the 'woreld!'

Gotta love those scots!