Thursday, July 26, 2007

We Found A Place!

Hello All,

We have found a place in Orange County to rent! This last Monday, we came down to Ladera Ranch and looked at a condo that is being vacated by 3 single guys in mid-August. It's roughly 13 minutes from the church, which of course, will drastically cut my commute time, but will also open up a great deal of time to really begin to connect with the community and the fellowship of believers at Calvary Laguna!

We had put in an application to rent and just found out last night that we were accepted! All that's left is the transfer of fundage and the actual move in, which will be around the 18th of August. I'll give more details later, but wanted to thank you for your prayers as we have sought a place to live. Ladera Ranch is a wonderful place for families and I know that Lela and the kids especially, will enjoy the area.

As far as moving out here is concerned, we will be asking for any assistance that anyone can give to us near that date. There is relatively little to move, as we have known that we were in a transitory state and did not buy a lot of furniture. My goal is to ask people from the Packinghouse that we know, to assist in getting stuff into the large moving van. Then, I wanted to ask our friends at Calvary Laguna to help us unpack it. I'll give more details later, but if you are interested and can help us move, that would be a tremendous blessing.

For now, thanks for all of the prayers! The search is over for now. Our Realtor, Keith Mallos, has been a tremendous help and is continuing to search for the right place for us to buy eventually. Our plan currently, until the Lord makes it known differently, is to wait out the market for as long as possible, maybe as long as a year. With the current market situation, we are hopeful that we can find a really great deal in the next several months. So, please, join us in prayer that we can find a place to settle in for a long haul of service to the Lord.

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez


Carrie Allen said...

that's SOW day...we should make you a project ;)

Frank & Lela said...


I like the way you think!!!! However, we can move in after the 18th, but may take a little more time than that. Plus, Lela and I are real interested in a few of the SOW day activities, so don't count us out just yet!


patty said...

Hey Congrats Sanchezees! Now we'll have someplace to crash in the OC when we need to. What is a SOW activity? Does that have something to do with the OC Fair? Are you guys going to start raising livestock to pay that OC rent? Can't you just get some more teaching or drumming gigs? Anyway, I want to order a side of bacon with hot and spicy chicharones.

I know that you guys will be getting more busy preparing for the move but hopefully we will be able to see you before then. Maybe I'll see you at CCR VBS.

hasta la pasta,

Frank & Lela said...

Hey Patty!

Although it sounds like cattle prodding, S.O.W. actually stands for "Serving Our World." It's an outreach to various groups within Orange County that our body is participating in. That being said, BRING ON THE BACON! I am down for that!

As far as VBS, unfortunately, and fortunately(!?) we are at Family Camp next week in the Sequoia National forest! I know: Sanchezes and Camp!? The Lord is coming soon...hopefully before we go camping!!! :) I am sure that it's going to be fun.

But THAT BEING SAID, perhaps before we take off, we might get another Sanchi-Nievi night together. I'll talk to my people if you'll talk to yours!


Brad said...

Count me in to help you all Frank. Keep me posted.