Monday, July 02, 2007

A Time For New Experiences

Hello All,

I just got back from taking Renae and Caleb to their first movie. We went and saw "Transformers" and...JUST KIDDING! We of course went to see Pixar's new movie, "Ratatouille." (Take a look to the right side of the blog. You'll note there is a place for you to vote for your favorite Pixar movie! I just love polls and have already cast my vote...without voting. I don't want to be unpopular you know!) I was looking forward to this for some time and the experience was more exciting for me than for them. At first, the wonder of the Krikorian theater was enough to inspire some wide eyes. Then it was the concession stand and the medium popcorn, which by yesterday's standards might have been an extra large! Then it was the first look at the "big screen!" Unfortunately, reality hit with all of the commercials and previews which likely sapped the excitement of the experience a bit for the kids.

By the way, one of the commercials was for a new church in Redlands which touted itself as "a Church for everyone." I'll add that to the list of "things that make me go 'hmmm...."

The movie finally got going and the kids got more than a few laughs at the prospect of a rat taking charge of the kitchen like their favorite Food Network stars. By the middle of the movie, both were notably tired and ready to get back into the car, which was a steamy place to be, seeing the thermometer read 106!

This experience was a blast, but it has come second to our other first for the summer. Renae has taken some really good steps toward becoming a swimmer! I know, the irony of it all!! Anyway, we have been going to the YMCA pool when we have the chance and Renae has gone from very frightened to very bold, asserting herself even in the "deep end," all 4 feet of it! Her smile and simultaneous discovery has really been joyous for me as a parent. Both Lela and I are all smiles as we hang in the pool with her and watch her emerge from the water with a smile and strong sense of accomplishment all over her face.

I don't want to be guilty of over spiritualizing here, but how much more our Father! When we discover more of Him, follow Him to uncertain depths, join Him in His enterprises, how much that must overjoy Him!

And certainly, if the Heavenly Father is seen in shadow by an earthly Father and Mother, how great is His delight in His children!

Some of you might be saying, "Frank, how overjoyed He would be if you would brave the depths and learn to swim yourself! C'mon, take off those Nemo floaties and jump in brother!" My answer to this is that God never calls us to tempt Him! I'll keep my floaties, thank you very much! Beside, 4 feet is just enough for me to enjoy, now don't you go spiritualizing that point on me!

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez


Anonymous said...

Hello Sanchez family!

RATS!!! Ratatouille doesn't come out till next month for us! We have been wanting to see that movie since December when Miqueas got his own copy of Cars! He is into mice, and he has me replay the previews for Rataouille, so I am sure it will be a winner for him! (I know the movie is about rats not mice, but Remy is cute for a rat!)

Swimming! I was just going to say that Mr.Sanchez should venture into the deep waters, but you read your readers thoughts and gave your answer! Three cheers for Renae, you go girl! (okay I mixed some Anne of Green Gables and some sista talk!)

I enjoy your spiritual analogies!
God bless you Frank, Lela and bambinos! Happy 4th of July! I know you will have barbecue and fire works! I miss my country this year more then any year! Enjoy extra for us that are faraway from home!

In His time,
Yolee and Miqueas

Frank & Lela said...

Oil Of Yolee!

Hey, if you want to get a good Ratatouille fix, there are free preview podcasts on iTunes that the kids loved the week before they saw the movie! Go to the iTunes store, click on Podcasts and enter into the seach window the word, said with a french accent: RATATOUILLE! They have a bunch of previews and behind the scenes stuff. It's FREE!!!

We do hope that you guys get to light off a firework or two. I am sure Angel will be able to provide that service! Tell your Dad to remember just how dangerous it is for him to light off those fireworks (you know...the thumb!) and that only skilled professionals like Angel should attempt such things!

I bet if Anne of Green Gables were made today, that it would likely be set in Harlem!

Have a great day!


Patty said...

Oh rats! (pun intended) You saw Ratatouille before us. It is such a joy to my heart to read how you're experiencing God's love through the role of parenthood. I always knew He loved me more than anything but I really started to fully understand once I had kids. Even with having full grown kids I still continue to grow in my understanding of His love for us from a parental perspective. The joys, the sorrows; being their support, or standing by and letting them experience trials so they can grow. Gee and I only have 3 kids. Can you imagine what it's like have all of those parental emotions for billions of children?! Yes, God is truely amazing.

Hooray for Renae! Don't you want to experience the joy that she has found, Frankie? Don't worry; Renae will save you......or at least Lela will call a lifeguard.

It was fun to see you guys yesterday.

hasta la pasta with lots of sauce,