Sunday, July 08, 2007

Media Does Theology Again!

Hello All,

It always interests me when people don't believe in something that Jesus Christ Himself believed in and taught in greater proportion than His teachings on heaven. I'll leave the video up and then, before the ABC special comes on, I hope to review some thoughts on this subject.

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez
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Patty said...

Wow! I'm appalled and yet, not surprised. If there is no hell then there is no consequence for not repenting or accepting Jesus as our Savior. What then did He die for? This is definitely one of the false teachers that the Bible speaks of. I need to meditate on this one. Even though I know that this is all end times stuff and we are warned of people such as this, I am still always shocked when I see or hear about it. It just doesn't register in my psyche. Thanks for sharing. It helps to remind me of how I should be praying.

God bless.

Frank & Lela said...


You are welcome, and I'm sorry at the same time! I know how grieved that you are because I feel the same way! It makes you sick and it's always unfortunate that the national media will not spotlight the clearest thinkers and best defenders on this subject.

Lord come quickly!