Saturday, July 07, 2007

Gifts & Giftings

Hello All,

I was musing the other day over the years of ministry that I have participated in. Presently, I have been in active full time ministry for 13 years. During that time, I have crossed paths with many wonderful people that I have had wonderful experiences with as people and fellow workers. Each one of them added something unique into my life, and each one of them displayed unique giftings and talents that make them memorable.

For example, I remember a guy who, when he saw you coming, would stop everything that he was doing, look you in the eye, ask how you were doing and subsequently wait for you to answer! Then there was the super funny intern that always managed to crack the entire office up with laughter. Then there was the super-creative college team of leaders, who always seemed to come up with great suggestions for events and really got behind the vision that was cast for them to follow.

These people are the gifts that were given for that period of time, and for that specific group of people who were the recipients of their giftings and talents. After each person left, a void was left that was generally filled with another, completely gifted, but altogether different person in style and personality.

The temptation is to compare gifts. This does an injustice to the person who left, the person who has come to replace him and the Lord, who has sent and commissioned both servants for separate places in ministry.

I have always struggled here and I believe that most people in the church would agree. It's human to be disappointed and wish for God to allow things to stay the same. But God is dynamic, working in all of our lives to build us to a place where we are focused and built up in Him. Along the way, He uses servants and gifts with giftings, to flavor His work and enhance that believer's life with their unique experiences and talents.

I hope that we will all see the gifts around us, thank God for them, and value their contribution to the body of Christ that we find ourselves sharing in. More than that, take advantage to love and value your time with those people, as it seems, in the body of Christ, that there is only forward movement, and you will never get the privilege of sharing life with those people again in the same way as you do now.

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez

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one of thesix said...

Love your comments on the gifts. Eph 5:16-18 or so reminds us that it's the joints, ligiments and such that enable the body to "function" right. It is sooooo important that those within the body use the gifts the Lord has given them.

Thanks for the reminder frank.