Monday, September 08, 2008

A Word To Mothers

Hello All,

I was at the mechanic shop again this week, which provided me both with reading and conversation time. The conversation was with my very friendly and informative Persian mechanic. I really enjoy talking with and listening to him. In between conversation pieces, I generally read. Lately, I have been reading "The Story of Christianity" by Justo Gonzalez. In it, I came across this story that I have never heard before regarding the early church apologist, Origen. I'll let Justo do the talking:

"Clement's greatest disciple...was Origen. In contrast with Clement, Origen was the son of Christian parents. His father suffered martyrdom during the persecution of Septimus Severus-the same persecution that forced Clement to leave the city. Origen, who was still a young lad, wished to offer himself for martyrdom. But his mother hid his clothes and he was forced to remain at home, where he wrote a treatise on martyrdom addressed to his imprisoned father."
pg. 78

Can you imagine the conversation that morning?

Origen: Well, I'm on my way to give my life for the faith. Have you seen my clothes?

Origen's Mom: Why no honey. Where did you leave them?

O: No, Mom. ALL OF MY CLOTHES are gone!

O M: Well, imagine that! I wonder where they went to... (drifting off guiltily...)

O: Mom!?!? I wanted to be a martyr!

O M: Well dear, I'm sure when you find your clothes, they'll still be looking for willing candidates!

Well, that's one way to keep our kids from getting themselves into trouble!

Hope that helps you!

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez


Mama C said...

That was too funny. Clever mother, that one. I am going to file away that idea for later use when my son wants to do something I don't approve of.

Frank & Lela said...

I'm thinking this might work for tattoos, skydiving, significant others, etc! This is quite possibly one of the most brilliant moves in history!

blythe said...

When I saw the title of this post on my feed, I immediately thought of Vanilla Ice.....

"word to your mother"

just thought you might be interested/amused to hear that.

The Pascua Family said...

I'll have to file this away too, for now Mia and Jacob have learned to help each other remove shirts, shorts and diapers and run around the yard naked...giggling hysterically!