Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Renae!

Hello All,

It's hard to believe but Renae, card shark extraordinaire, is 7 years old today! I can hardly believe it! It seems like only yesterday that she

- cried/screamed all the way to Victorville, stopped and slept all the way back home, only to cry again as we got back into our drive way in Highland!

- sang Lela's song "Let me cling" with the following words: "Let me clean your robe and wash your feet."

- smiled for the first time on a boat to Catalina Island, at the same time doing "beautiful eyes."

- was sitting in my lap after Sunday evening services at the Packinghouse, catching me up on the evening that she had just had!

- that she was displaying her "expeditious" side by moving that checker piece into the King's row! If you haven't seen that movie, check out the side bar...

Renae was born just 13 days after 9/11. It was an insane time of life. Nobody knew what was going on, the television was fixated on the devastation that was ground zero and here we had this screaming little baby!

In my mind, and probably there alone, Renae's name has always had a tinge of irony. Renae is a derivative of the Greek word for "peace." It's likely more than a coincidence, though not intended, but her name looks like this:

Renae (Peace) NYCole

...I always thought that that was pretty amazing given the time and what we were all praying for New York City.

Renae has faced a lot of challenges, especially with our moves. Mentone to Spain back to Mentone, back to Spain and then to Orange County. That is enough, but when you factor in schools and friends, it adds up to a lot for a little girl. I pray that these next years will be more reflective of what her name means.

To my beautiful, intelligent, and insightful daughter: Happy Birthday! May the Lord of Your peace grant you years of blessing and satisfaction in Him alone! We love you very much!

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez


Carrie Marie said...

"Renae (Peace) NYCole"


Patty said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RENAE!! Steve would say what a great day to have a birthday!

steve and kindra said...

So sweet, Frank. Thanks for sharing. And happy bday, Renae. You are a special little girl with amazing parents!

mhcowen said...

I remember "beautiful eyes":) I also recalled this week while changing my baby Ana that Renae would lift her little legs to help with changing her own diaper at a very young age...Lela proudly showed off Renae's talent in the nursery...I will odly always remember this:) Happy Birthday, Renae!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Ranae! We miss you and love you!