Thursday, September 11, 2008

Whose Side Is He On Anyway!?

Hello All,

We are now almost finished with our second week of school for Renae and we are finding our way to and from much better in the morning. Getting it done entails a good 20 minute head start, but it's well worth the savings on nerves.

One method that I have employed to motivate Renae toward promptness is to offer to play cards with her. Over the Labor Day weekend, she and I both learned how to play "War." If you are not familiar with this game...well, at this point, I envy you...but suffice it to say, you divide the deck into the number of players and you simultaneously put down your top card. High card wins. The point is to get all of your opponent's cards. What happens when you draw the same card? An elaborate little "war" goes on where you put down three additional cards and then re-draw your next available card. Again, high card wins.

It's much easier than I just made it sound and that might account for why I am so bad at this game. "Bad at this game?" Yes, for as easy as it is, I just cannot seem to beat this little girl!

It was uncanny. From the first day she played, I noticed a certain glint in her eye at the prospect of competition. When she won a hand or two those first two days, I chalked it up to beginners luck. Then, she kept winning! It seemed that no matter the deal or the deck she had an abundance of aces to play with.

(It's ironic because in the 4th grade, I was in a play where I portrayed a cheated card player. My line was to say, "There ain't no 5 aces in a deck of cards..." (I did not write it and this was 4th grade!!!!) After I said this line, I was supposed to reach into my holster and discharge my cap gun. (We lived in the hood!) Unfortunately, the cap gun malfunctioned and I was the laughingstock of the 4th grade play!)

No matter what cards were given her, she seemed to have the upper hand the entire time. Believe it or not, I began to think that she was cheating! She's 6, but I wouldn't put it past her for a second! I started shuffling her cards for her with the same results. I even went and bought us a new deck, just in case there is some sophisticated card counting going on! But that proved ineffective as well.

I just can't explain it. That is, until this morning.

We drove to our usual spot and parked. I pulled out the deck and began to shuffle it as she moved to the front seat. She said, smiling with her two front teeth missing, "I'm going to win today."

Calmly, I retorted, "Don't be so confident. I think that this is Daddy's day." I said this with little confidence as I was pretty sure that I was going to lose. I know that I won't be getting an appearance on Oprah with that outlook, nor will the writer of "The Secret" be happy with me, but that is the truth.

Renae could almost smell blood. "I know I am going to win because I prayed about it."

"You prayed about it?"


Now, I felt like I had to lose. I was desperately thinking of how I could possibly throw the game so that her faith would not be crushed. Heck, who am I kidding: There was no way I was going to win!

I randomized the deck, passed out the cards and played, wondering what the best outcome would be. It did not matter as she yet again destroyed me! It felt like this:

Frank: King! Renae: ACE!

Frank: Jack! Renae: QUEEN!!

Frank: Two! Renae: THREE!

The WHOLE GAME WENT THAT WAY EXACTLY! I could not believe it.

We measured the cards, a way to measure victory when you are out of time, and she won handily. In typical Sanchez fashion, she won, did a dance, gave out a scream of delight and laughed in her victim's face...ah, I miss that feeling...I just dejectedly put the cards back in their place.

Noting my downcast countenance, Renae looked at me and said, in all seriousness, "Daddy, you need to pray. Pray the promises!" Alright, so now I am worried that Renae has embraced the "Name it and claim it" doctrine! Bad theology AND she keeps beating me!? This is inexcusable!

But it led me to wonder: WHOSE SIDE IS GOD ON ANYWAY!? I'm a Pastor after all! Don't I get a little kickback in these occasions? If I pray tomorrow, then who is going to win? Does a win indicate favoritism? How am I supposed to feel if I lose?

These are the questions that plague me as we rapidly approach Friday. I'll keep you posted.

For now, perhaps you will join me in praying that I will win the next war! Yeah, maybe you better not!

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez


Aimee: said...

Thanks for the early morning amusement. Dude--you'd better figure out a way to beat her. In a few years, she might take this "pray before you play" thing to Vegas and lose the deed to her house...or your first grandchild!


Patty said...

Just curious....what are you gonna tell Renae if you win? I say teach her another game where there's a little more skill involved and you can throw her a few wins.

Frank And Lela said...


If she keeps winning like this, I might just send her to Vegas now so I can retire!


I was wondering what I might tell Renae if I won...however, I don't foresee that ever happening!

And if I can't win at a game that requires no skil, how do I have a chance...?

And Just For An Update: For you prayer warriors out in the blogosphere, Renae won again this morning! She is on a tear...

Thanks for reading ladies!


April said...
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April said...

nothing like becoming like a little child to enter the Kingdom...

The Pascua Family said...

So much humor and contagious laughter in your blog, we love it!!

Frank And Lela said...

John and Andrea! Welcome. Thanks for commenting and the kind words. Humor is my therapy!