Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A Swimming Update...

Hello All,

For those who have been wondering, following the story: I swam the length and width of our pool in Ladera Ranch. I missed my goal by a day or so due to the Labor Day weekend, but I will rely on the technicality that I would have done it in August if it weren't for conflicting schedules.

So there: All of Lela's kids can now swim! No more pool jokes! No more "Aren't you afraid to baptize because you can't swim" jokes. HA!

My next target: Michael Phelps' Records...Yeah, I'll just continue to play the role of the shark while the kids play the part of the dolphins!

Just a few items of note and I'll close this blog...

- Renae started school today. I'll be blogging about that later this week, as I watched her get into school mode.

- I was "memed" by Aimee Walnofer some time ago. My response is on my Facebook, my telling you is an open invitation to friends here on this blog to seek my "friendship" on Facebook. I'll be interested if I can solicit my 100th friend from this blog.

- Last week, I started a blog dedicated to our kids.
It's called "Our Parent's Private Library." If you look at our profile, you'll notice it on the blog roll. If you attempt to access it, you will be disappointed, as it can only be read by our kids, but will not be read by them until they are much older. In it, we (Lela will actually be writing there!) write private notes and letters of encouragement to them, documenting our thoughts about them for the future. I don't tell you to make you envious; I tell you because I think that it's a great idea and as a Parent, I have loved writing there. Maybe you will feel the same.

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez


Carrie Marie said...

Kid blog! Such a great idea! I am totally going to do one when (and if) I ever have children... ;)

Carrie Marie said...
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Mama C said...

Congratulations on learning to swim, Frank!

Kids are constantly accomplishing milestones like that, but it feels great to reach one as an adult, doesn't it?

Love the picture.

jordan sabolick said...

great. no more swim jokes. what fun is that? i think the fact that you couldn't swim made you THAT much cooler. now your just good ol standard...frank sanchez.


Frank & Lela said...


Don't worry sister. You'll marry a fine theologian who believes in "multiplication!"

Comment Deleted:

Thanks for nothing!


I have to admit, I am digging the milestone aspect of this accomplishmnent. Maybe next summer, I'll get going on the Piano.


DOH! IF IT MAKES ME COOL, I CAN STILL UNLEARN...How does one "unlearn" something? That might be a greater accomplishment than learning...hmmm...


Carrie Marie said...

Woa, woa. "Multiplication?" That just sounds a tad scary.

blythe said...

swimmer! i think we'll all rest a little easier now.

and i'm totally stealing that private blog idea.

steve and kindra said...

Still very weird for me to see you in a pool!! :)
But hey, if there was one way you were gonna learn to swim, it was having kids. Again, very proud of you!!

Patty said...

I really love this pic. It makes me smile. I think it's the combination of smiles with the amazing blueness of the water with the sun reflecting off of everything. It's a happy pic and sometimes I come to the blog just to look at it for a second before I get on with my computer biz.

Amy said...

YAY!!! You swim!!!